What’s New!

12/11/16: Books 22, 23, and 24 are finished. I’m releasing the first few books via Kindle Direct around the first of the year. Updates to the website-including putting the titles in English-have also taken place. Missing segments and write ups for the new volumes will also be up by year’s end.

2/28/15: Book 21 is finished! Yay! Book 22 is started, but I’m still looking for cover art. I may have some to do it-otherwise, I’m going to have to use photos I’ve taken…which may not be a bad idea. Segments and write ups for book 21 will be online soon.

11/02/14: Taking part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and using it to write the bulk of volume 21. Volumes 1 and 2 still need cover art, but I’m hoping to fix that soon.

9/13/14: Amazing what a divorce and loss of all income does to your writing time. I’m back, having volume one beta read for Kindle Direct having decided it would be easier since I have a Mac and Smashwords wants a specific Word format I can’t guarantee. Also writing again, finally. It’s a good thing; I’ve missed hanging out in Spaulding Valley even if it’s for no more than thirty minutes a day. I also now have a Facebook page for the books; go here to like it.

4/21/14: Landing pages and excerpts for books seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen are done and online. The first twenty books are on sale now through the website, and a landing page and excerpt from that book should be up soon. Have decided to slow down writing while editing instead of stopping; I’m a tenth of the way into book twenty-one and have ideas for at least that volume and three others.

4/9/14: Books seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen are done. Books seventeen and eighteen are on sale now; nineteen needs a cover and will be done shortly. Sample pages are now available for books seventeen and eighteen; landing pages are coming soon. Book twenty is half finished; there are plans for at least three more books. These may or may not be stand-alone volumes. I’m not sure yet. Will be taking a break from writing to edit the volumes for sale in Smashwords.

2/13/14: I’ve taken the next big step in getting The Cosantóirí Chronicles into salable format: I now have a Smashwords account, and will be starting to get volume one ready for acceptance. Smashwords publishes to nine different e-book retailers, so there’s a good chance your favorite e-reader will be supported. It’s a little scary-but it’s a good kind of scary.

12/22/13:  The intro for book sixteen is finally up tonight. Book seventeen is three quarters completed. Book eighteen hasn’t changed much; there is a long shot of a book nineteen if book eighteen runs over.

12/14/13: The sixteenth book is now up and available; the sample page is up as well.

11/4/13: What was the first seven books are now the first fifteen books. Intros and samples available for all on the website. Book sixteen is about half done, and what is shaping up to be either book seventeen or eighteen is thirty-five percent of the way completed. What will likely be part of book eighteen is pretty rough-but running about fifteen percent completed.

10/7/13: All books are being edited to (mostly) fit standard publishing practices. This has effectively doubled the number of books. More on that topic here: http://cpromptpoke.blogspot.com/2013/09/on-writing-far-too-much.html. However, this has also had the effect of making the books a little bit better-and more chronologically accurate.

6/27/13: Samples of books four, five and six are up now, as well as links from the individual pages to the samples. Enjoy!

6/26/13: Page is populated for book seven. Book eight is about a third done; book nine is established. Samples of books one, two, and three are up!

5/21/13: Book eight is moving along well. Decided it was time to add a page for book seven; also watch for samples from each volume soon!

5/6/13: Book seven is finished! Titled Pianta Fáis, it’s available now!

1/18/13: After much soul-searching and researching it to death, there will only be ePub and Kindle versions available for the books. This is due largely to Apple’s requirement of ISBN numbers; I don’t have the money for that. Amazon’s Kindle Direct will assign an ASIN number to them, as soon as they’re available from Amazon I’ll let you know. Meantime, all six books are once again available from me.

1/4/13: Good news: Both ePub and Kindle versions of books one and two available from me now-and from Amazon’s Kindle Publishing Direct soon. Also, book 1 will be available from the iBookstore soon-I will have to fill out the paperwork and have been too busy editing the books for final settings. Bad news: prices will have to go up as a result. (especially for the iBook edition; it’ll be a dollar more-but will have an interactive glossary.)

12/27/12: Book six is now completed! Now comes the basic editing: font changing, double spacing, and so forth. That’s the good news. The bad news is ALL titles are being held; no new sales will be accepted until they’ve all been re-edited for iBooks using their classic books template. As each book is done, it will become available once again. If all goes well, that process will only take a few days for each book as they’ve been edited already for e-pub format.

12/8/12: Book six now has a coming soon page! Down to about thirty pages left to write. After that, all six books will be edited into iBooks format, as they finally have a text-only template! 🙂

11/6/12: Book six is in progress. Title will be Go Deo Agus i Gcónaí; I’m about two-thirds done with it. Hope to have it done by the end of the year if not sooner.

10/24/12: Having to slow down work on book six. Not going to have much time to write the next week to ten days, sadly.

9/11/12: More work on the outline, writer’s guides, and so forth for book six. No title yet-but that’ll come.

9/9/12: Check here for new stuff. Just getting this blogsite up and running is new!


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