Sample Pages 5-The Golden Girl

Ryan, on the other hand, was walking around hand in hand with Debbi. While this was a new thing, and certainly welcome, he was a little uncomfortable with Angie’s presence for some reason. But they weren’t dating, had never dated, and while she was his best friend, a part of him felt like he was betraying her. Finally, as the sun started to set, he looked at Debbi and whispered something in her ear. She smiled, giggled a little, and nodded her head. “If you two don’t mind, we’re gonna head over to the Imax and catch the new 3D flick.” Since he knew Angie didn’t care much for 3D movies, he figured she wouldn’t want to go. He was right. Steve grinned and said, “Okay. Have fun, and do something I might.” Ryan and Debbi walked off hand in hand. As they walked away, Angie suddenly was upset. She tried to hide it from Steve, but she felt alone and a little vulnerable-betrayed, even. She was also a little sad at this turn of events. Steve picked up on the spunky sophomore’s sadness, and took it upon himself to brighten her spirits. He put an arm around her and drew her in. Leaning over conspiratorially, he said, “I thought they’d never leave us alone. C’mon, kid. I know a great little popsicle stand over in Fantasy Village. We’ll go there, then leave so we can say ‘let’s blow this popsicle stand’.” She giggled a little, and they walked off arm in arm. They shared a fudgebar, rode a few rides, and WildStarr found he was flirting a little more. The Golden Girl was flirting back. Finally, they wandered over to the Lover’s Lane Log Flume. And that’s when they ran into Ryan and Debbi. Well, it looked like them, at any rate. She was all over him, practically mugging him. Angie snapped a low-light shot of them, then shook her head in disgust and deleted it. “That’s just all wrong” she whispered. Steve regarded her. “How so?” he whispered back. She turned to him. “It doesn’t work like that. The way she’s going at him is tacky. It should work like this.” Not three seconds later, Steven Starr was in the middle of a rather torrid embrace with Angie Roberts. He found himself briefly thinking that he hadn’t planned on this to make her feel better. Honest, he hadn’t. All he wanted to do was to cheer her up. He just hadn’t counted on kissing her to do it. Not that he minded…not one bit. She was good at it. Really good at it. From where she stood, he was fantastic. He was managing to ignite something deep inside her. She didn’t know what it was, and at that exact moment didn’t care. Two minutes later, she pulled away from him. His eyes looked deep into hers as she said, “That’s how it should be done.”


Ryan was standing in front of the convenience store, breathing heavily and in a mild state of panic. He’d just been at home a split second ago, and now…now he was here. Here being the 24/7 Stop ‘n Pop. How he’d gotten here was a mystery, however. He shrugged and went inside and purchased a large Chil-a-Skweez. He’d been thinking about how good one sounded anyway, and then…then he was here. He reached for his cell phone-and remembered it was at home. The only problem was home was at least a half mile from here.

He started walking home. It was a hot day, and he wished he was back home, where he could cool off-and suddenly found himself on the back porch, where he’d been just a few brief minutes before. He looked around, and if it hadn’t been for the fact he had a slightly melted Chil-a-Skweez, he’d have thought he was dreaming. He decided to try something. Setting the frozen drink down, he thought about going to the park at the end of the street. It was a few blocks shy of the convenience store, and had a nice, deep pool. That last thought proved to be a mistake. He suddenly found himself in the pool at the park, in the deep end. Coughing some water up, he thought about home….and was there, dripping wet, on the porch. Thinking foul thoughts, he grabbed his drink and walked into the backyard and took his shirt off to dry; he was already in a swimsuit and flip-flops so those would dry quickly in this heat. Fortunately, Mom was off somewhere on a shoot, and Dad was in his office, so hopefully he’d dry off before long. The hot sunny day did dry things off enough to go inside in about twenty minutes; he went upstairs to lay down in the cool having finished his Chil-a-Skweez.

Nothing else funny happened for the rest of the weekend…or most of the next week. Then he was down at the track one morning, running on the track so he could focus a little better, and thinking about how good lunch would be. Maybe over at…Kwickiburger? He looked at it as he slowed down a bit. That weirded him out, and he sped up and thought of the track. Nothing. He ended up jogging back to the school, nearly two miles. He sat on the bleachers, panting and panicking. He should go home, and maybe lay down for a few minutes…and he was outside the house. He went inside and went to his room and lay down. What the hell was going on? It was then he heard them. He heard his parents, talking to each other, forming words before speaking. He could almost see them, could tell where their conversation was heading. He fell asleep listening to them. It was somewhat comforting to him.

Later that day, he did some looking on the web. What he was doing was called teleporting, mostly. There were some anecdotal stories, but nothing to confirm-or deny-what was happening. He was also developing-maybe-telepathy. He shook his head. “Great,” he thought. “I’m a freak. A mutant of some sort.” He decided not to say anything to his parents as they’d think he was telling stories. He got in enough trouble as it was and didn’t need any help.


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