Sample Pages 1-Discovery

Suzette swallowed hard. She looked around for help. Rusty was being held by a few guys as well, and Jilly was helping the color guard get squared away. She walked up to Mark, tilted his chin up, looked him in the eyes with her newly acquired look of determination. She could feel the tingle strongly now, and the jolt made Mark twitch. Then she turned around and glared at everyone. What she said and did next surprised her a little bit.

“You call him a loser and boy scout. He’s nice…really nice. Nicer than you are, certainly. You’ve done nothing but push me around since I arrived. He helped me find inner strength, while you disappeared when I wanted to ask you for strength. He got my attention; you’ve ignored me almost all day. You’ve belittled me, made fun of me…he believes in me.” She shook her head, sadly. “He spent his dinner money on my lunch. You’d have let me starve. He’s done nothing but give of himself to me and everyone else today. If that’s what you call a loser…I’ll choose being a loser to you but a winner like him anytime.” And with that, she whirled around, grabbed him by the neck, and kissed him. Deeply. Passionately. Wolf-whistles and cat-calls went up. She didn’t care and he never heard them. The resultant rush of energy between them was almost visible. To add to the scene, the Bandathon sponsors chose to set off fireworks at that moment. The guys holding Mark were so stunned by the energy that was coming off the two they let him go. His arms went around her waist of their own volition. The wind came up slightly, blowing her blue hair into his softer, sandy blondish hair. Rusty got up and stood, his jaw hitting the field. Jilly came over and whistled low. Kat started to say something about losers but it caught in her throat. George went and stood by her as they continued to stand there, kissing each other. “He never kissed me like that” Kat whispered to herself. “Never mind that. You’ve never kissed me like that before” George said. Kat cuffed him and stalked off in a huff.

Something wonderful, something magical was happening. Only nobody else but the two of them knew it. It was like they were suddenly in each other’s minds and bodies. There was no pain, no hurt, and nobody else in their world. It was just the two of them, lost in each other’s arms. Finally Rusty collected himself enough, and with an embarrassed cough said, “Okay, you two. Either break it up or get a room.” They broke their embrace and looked deep in each other’s eyes with slight alarm.  “Tq’r?” he whispered in her ear. She looked stunned. He turned and started to stalk off. She ran up behind him. “M’nai?” she whispered. He stopped, equally stunned. She came up behind him and wrapped her arms around him. “M’nai? You’re shivering….” She held him tightly. “We need to talk” he said, “But now is not the time and here is not the place.”

Just then, Rusty and Jilly came up. “It’s about time you two came up for air. Mark, did you really spend your dinner money on her lunch?” He nodded. “Listen, I’ve got enough for a medium pizza and a pitcher of Coke over at Colombo’s-if you two want to join us and celebrate.” He looked at the two of them, faces flushed, with arms around each other…for support, Rusty guessed. Mark had to be really sore by now. He grinned and went on: “Of course, you two just might want to be alone….” Mark started to protest, but Suzette cut him short. “We’d be glad to-but I’ll need to borrow your phone, Jilly; mine’s at home and I want to let my folks know.” Jilly tossed her cellphone to her and a few minutes later that was sealed. Rusty and Jilly moved on, while Suzette held Mark behind for a minute. “I do have one last question.” Mark sighed. “Yes?” She took his hand and sweetly asked, “May I sit with you on the way home?” He looked like she’d slugged him. “Okay, but on one condition. Dig out that blanket so we can stay warm and rest a bit.” She looked at him evenly. “Done. In exchange…don’t let me go. Hold on to me the entire trip home.” “That…I think I can do.” She laughed at that, then kissed him again lightly.

When they got on the bus, it erupted in applause and cheers for the new couple. Mark rolled his eyes, and Suzette simply clung to him. Settling in their seats, she snuggled up against him, resisting the urge to kiss him, especially since it wasn’t five minutes out that he was out like a light. She saw to that, for their own good. He came to briefly about halfway home. Suzette was cuddled up next to him, arm around his waist, breathing gently, sleeping. He smiled at the sight and scent of her, and closed his eyes again. Today had been a long day, indeed-and they had a lot that they needed to talk about.

Once back in town, most of the band either went home and crashed, or headed over to Colombo’s to celebrate. Mark and Suzette left the school, and was heading for Colombo’s. They managed to get the last spot, in a darker section of the parking lot. That was all the incentive she needed. She pulled him to her and kissed him hard. He responded to her, and reached over and pulled the seat down. Things were getting rather steamy rather quickly; she pulled her top off, then his. He started kissing her neck, her ear, then she pulled back and kissed him full on the lips again. Unseen energies were radiating from the car as both were wrapped in their embrace. Emotions that Mark though were long dead and buried suddenly came welling up, and he felt swept away by them. She was no better…emotions she had never truly felt, never really dealt with were loose inside her.

Coming up for air, he suddenly realized where they were. Trying to untangle himself from her, he tried to sit up only to have her pull him down back into her arms. Her eyes shone as much as her hair and he could hardly resist. A few more minutes in each other’s arms, she finally regained some sort of control and placed his hand where it had been earlier, then placed her hand in the same position. He went to kiss her again, but she tilted her head down, placing her forehead against his. Taking his free hand in hers, she said “M’nai. Please…repeat what I say to you.” “Tq’r, I want you.” “M’nai, I want you as well. But not now, and certainly not in here in the parking lot.”

She started off: “Ceann a ceann agus croí a chroí…” Mark repeated after her, trying to focus. “Riamh i gcónaí le chéile, ar leithligh.” He continued, his mind clearing a little. She went on: “Lámh ar láimh, a lámh a shealbhú…” She could feel the terrible desire she felt calming down a bit as he repeated her words. “Lámh ar láimh…go dtí an dá fás fuar.” He finished the sentence, and looked at her. She looked at him and kissed him, gently this time. “What…what was that? Some sort of witchcraft thing?” She smiled tenderly at him. “M’nai. You know me well enough right now to know I’m not a witch. You and I are Cosantóirí.” “Cosantóirí? What is…”What we just did was was something my mom taught me, telling me I’d know when and how to use it. But I don’t think I got it all, and I’m not sure I got it right.”  She placed a hand on his chest again. “Still…I feel more in control of my hormones right now, and more alive than I’ve ever felt before.” He had to agree with her on that. “Tq’r. You know me better now than anyone ever has. But this all seems so new, and so fast…” She stopped putting her shirt back on long enough to kiss him fully again. “M’nai, we have time to learn. And I think we both have a lot to learn.” He looked her and kissed her forehead. “Come on then,” he said. “I think I hear the dinner bell going off.” She pushed him back on his side of the car as she reached for her bra. “You’re a goof” she said.


They made their 5:00 PM check-in a few minutes early, and it was Rusty that suggested they head over to Llarry’s Llanding sooner than later. “What are you going to do there?” Moira asked them. “It’s Suzette’s birthday today, and we’re going to have a sit-down dinner and celebrate.” She looked at them, and told them if they were a few minutes late to their next check-in that would be all right with her. They wandered out of the park proper-getting their hands stamped before leaving-and wandered into the Llarry’s Llanding shopping and dining complex. They had passed a window when the girls realized their hair was a mess. They stepped into a bathroom and tidied up. The guys were told to do likewise. “This is a sit-down establishment, not some park food kiosk” the girls told them. “You should at least look somewhat respectable, not like a pair of drowned rats.”

They arrived at DeBlanc’s just before 5:30. Mark had everyone wait while he checked in. “We’re the rest of the Malone party” he said quietly, and the Maître d’ nodded. “This way, please” he said, picking up four more menus and escorting them into a private room. As they walked in, John and Mary looked up from their menus and said, “Sásta Breithlá Déag, honey.” Suzette turned pale and started as if to walk out, but Mark’s hand on her shoulder reassured her. She looked at him and shook her head. **M’nai, I’m not ready…** He smiled. **I don’t totally understand all of what this is about. But I’m here, and here I will remain with you. So sit down and relax.** Rusty and Jilly looked at them, and sat down as well. Mary got up. “Before this goes too far, allow me to explain. In my family line, we have what we call the Breithlá Déag.”



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