Sample Pages 6-Breithe Clan

Angie and Ryan were talking to Sue on the way back to her car when somebody ran into Ryan, pushing him into Angie. They connected, and the tingling sensation, even through clothing, was strong. “Geez, Ryan, have you been eating batteries again or what?” Angie asked him. “Not me-I thought you were always the live wire here” he replied. “Well, I don’t know what you’re doing, but the shock gag is old now” she said. “I don’t know what you mean. I think you’re the one with a joke running here. Or at least a live current” he retorted. Once in the car, Sue asked them a question. “What is this ‘shock‘ thing you two are talking about?”  “Oh, Mom, it’s probably nothing. But it’s like every time I touch Ryno lately, he’s got some sort of static charge or something.” “I keep telling you, it’s not me. It’s you. I feel it all the way down my arm into my backbone.” Angie replied, “No way can you feel it that far. I mean, I feel it clear into my legs, but….”

Sue was quiet. She found herself thinking, “That sounds like a tadhaill a aimsiú. Which means Ryno must have cumais of one kind or another…and that means that Angie and Ryan could undergo a faoi bha….” She shut that line of thought down for a moment, and decided she’d better clue her husband in. “Ryan, would you like to stay with us for dinner tonight?” “Sure, Mrs. Roberts. What’s on the menu?” Sue smiled. “Whatever you two decide-so long as it isn’t a Kwickiburger-or a pizza.”

Mark came home to find Angela and Ryan at the table, doing their homework. “Hi, kids. What’s up?” Angie looked up. “I’m not; I’m whipped. So you know: Mom invited Ryan over for dinner tonight, not me.” He raised an eyebrow, then walked into the kitchen to find Sue getting plates ready with the Louisiana Captain’s famous fried catfish fillets and sides. He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. “I can see what dinner’s going to be. What’s for dessert?” he asked as he moved a bit of her blue hair and nibbled on her ear. She turned around and kissed him. “For the kids, banana pudding. For you, banana pudding-and me with it-but you’ll have to wait. We have an interesting problem to solve first, leannán.” He looked at her, grinning. “Why is there always a problem when I come home?” “Where else would you expect to solve the mysteries of the world?” she replied, then kissed him again, a little longer this time. He responded to her, warming her insides. Pushing him away, she told him to “Go change into something comfortable, and be prepared to explain to your daughter and her best friend in the world what that funny tingling sensation they have every time they touch each other is.” Mark looked at her and did a double-take. “Did you say what I think you just said?” She nodded. “It appears to me that young Mr. Sullivan might just have cumais. So, better start thinking about how to approach this without freaking him out-and upsetting your daughter in the process.”

Dinner was interesting, to say the least. Mark’s mind was spinning, a mile a minute. How do you explain to someone what an tadhaill a aimsiú was? He felt Angie was too young for this, but then, he’d been a senior when he and Sue had become a faoi bhanna. Meanwhile, Ryan’s mind was floating loosely. He’d read Angie’s mind from time to time, but nothing too deep. He’d also read Sue’s mind in the same manner, and again, hadn’t gone too far. But Mark’s mind was the hard one, and he seemed to be thinking hard about something. He gently tried to ease into his mind, and couldn’t.

That was odd. He tried again, and…no luck.

Mark suddenly smiled. He’d found his way into discussing the issue. Ryan was good, but he was still learning. He might think he was being gentle, but it was more like a door slamming to him. He looked over at Ryan and casually asked him “So, Ryan…just how long have you been a telepath?” Ryan tried to deflect the question. “Sir, I don’t know what….” “Ryan Sullivan, you’ve spent the last few minutes trying to pick my brain. We used to say, ‘it takes one to know one’ when I was your age. Now I think they say, ‘gotcha’.” Angie looked like she’d been slapped hard. “Daddy! How could you even….” Ryan looked at her and dropped his head. “Girl genius…stop. Stop it right there.” He sighed deeply. “He’s right. Looks like I’m busted.” She stopped. “Y-y-you are? You’re a telepath?” She looked at him quizzically. “Since when?” “Since I was about fifteen or so. And since that’s now out in the open…” he nodded, shimmered, popped into the kitchen, grabbed another fillet, then popped back out to the table, “…I can teleport, too. So deal with-hey, where’d Mr. Roberts g…” He was suddenly startled to see his Principal floating in front of him. Mark gently took the fillet out of Ryan’s hands, tore it in two, and handed half of it back to him. “Thanks, Ryan. Don’t mind if I do” he said as he settled back down in his chair and proceeded to put some Louisiana Captain’s sprinklin’ seasoning on it before eating it. Ryan looked at Mark, then back down to the half-fillet in his hand. Stunned, he shrugged, then seasoned it and ate the remaining half not quite sure what to think about that little display.

Angie looked at her mother, with a mildly disgusted look on her face. “Do men always show off like that?” Sue looked back at her daughter and shook her head. “It’s their testosterone, hon. Don’t even try to understand it; it’ll just make your brain hurt.”


The next morning, Jill woke up hung over. Russ was there, asleep next to her. “Damn, I feel like such an idiot” she thought to herself. “What have I done….” Russ woke up and stroked her face. “Morning, love. How are you feeling….” “I feel like an idiot, Russ. Here you love me to death and I’m off trying to….” He put his lips on hers for a moment. “Shhh. Nothing else needs be said. Get over yourself, get yourself together, and let’s go get something to eat.” Meanwhile, Mark and Sue were talking, and she was alternating between being very serious and laughing hysterically. “Sue, just how long have you known she…” “Leannán, I’ve known she’s carried a torch for you forever. You were either too naive to see it-or chose not to. What’s the plan for today?” He looked at his chúpláilte de anamacha quizzically. “…and this knowledge hasn’t bothered you?” She smiled slightly. “Not really. I trust you implicitly-and I know she’s very much in love with Russ. I also know if given a chance she’d suck the air right out of your lungs-and a lot more. How long have we been celebrating our little holiday tradition? And have you noticed it gets a little longer every year?” “So, what do we…” Now Sue turned serious. “Leannán, I know she’d never do anything stupid like trying to seduce you. But like you, I think it’s time we let them in on our a faoi bhanna and a bheith mar cheann anam, and why you and her might never have made it-or maybe why you two would have made it all too well. It’s time for us to share with them using a roinnt mar theaghlach. Today, we’re going to hold their hands and show them things like they’ve never seen. It’s the only way to fix the problem.” He looked at her as she got an almost evil grin on her face. **This is going to be good, leannán. Nothing says ‘friends forever’ like sharing on that kind of level.** Mark looked at her. **Tq’r** he sent softly, **That kind of sharing is dangerous. You know as Cosantóirí emotions from all parties can’t always be kept in check; look what happens with us. What if either of them gets….** **Russ will. Jill almost certainly will. I’m willing to go there, do that, to take that chance for them. And before you ask: we’ll have to undergo the rituals if this plays out like we think it will, and that will certainly mean changes in how we relate to them-and each other. But if it has to be with anyone, I want it to be with them. That they have feelings for us is obvious. We also have feelings for them; don’t argue with me as I know better. Are you okay with that?” Mark put his head down. On the one hand, he didn’t want to go there, as it would more than likely mean daor cinn mar theaghlach-and that would change everything. On the other hand, they were Cosantóirí, and they had a certain obligation to Russ and Jill, because of what happened with their children and beyond that. He looked back up at her. **Then if you’re sure-if you’re absolutely 100% positive-let’s do it. If you’re really, really okay with this and where it will likely go, then I’m okay with it. We do sort of owe it to them.**


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