Sample Pages 3-Life Stories

The music was still playing in the background, and finally Jill suggested they move to more comfortable seating. She rose and sat on the loveseat, then patted the cushion next to her and had him sit there. “Now see, I don’t bite.” “Darn. A guy can hope, right?” She looked at him and giggled; they had consumed the first bottle of wine and had started the second. “See? This is what I’m talking about. You have a light sense of humor. It’s not forced.” She set her drink down and leaned back against Mark, who without thinking wrapped his arms around her. She took his hands in hers and sighed. “Nice. Just a nice, pleasant evening. No rushing around, no watching calories, no kids needing homework help, no anything but some time to relax and enjoy a simple meal and some wine. Some days I envy you two.” “Some days, we envy you two…especially when the bills hit.” “Money isn’t all it’s cracked to be. You two have far more fun, I suspect, then you let on.” “Shhhh. That’s a state secret.” She snickered at him. “Another example. I can’t get him to sit like this and relax. Even during the day, when Ryan’s gone, he’s too busy being perfect.” “Sue rarely sits like this with me, you know. There’s always something-a paper to grade, Angie needs help with this or that…or sometimes it’s me. I’m the busy one. Meetings, appointments…and on occasion, trips downtown or to the capitol, fighting for money, trying to keep the various programs going.” He paused a moment. “Jill, I shouldn’t say this, but… this is very comfortable, very relaxing.” She snuggled a little closer to him, her head on his chest. One of the candles went out, darkening the room considerably. “Nice. Comfortable. Relaxed. A girl could get used to this very quickly.” “Jill, I….” She placed a finger to his lips. “Shhhh. Just relax and enjoy the moment.” They sat there, quietly, listening to the music. Jill relaxed a little more, leaning her head on his shoulder. With the first scent of her hair, Mark was suddenly conflicted: on the one hand, he was a happily married man. On the other hand, Jill was attractive, they were alone, and as he inhaled her gentle perfume, he could feel the last vestiges of restraint melting away and vanishing. He was Cosantóirí, after all, and he was tired of fighting his body’s needs and cravings. She looked up at him, her face inches from his. “Some Christmastime, I’m gonna have to plan a meal like this.” He looked down at her, and found he suddenly didn’t care about anything but her. Her face was framed with golden blonde hair, slightly curled. Her eyes were half open, her lavender eyeshadow and deep blue eyes creating an innocent yet hypnotically seductive look; her moist, full lips were parted, with a trace of her pink lipgloss remaining on them. He bent his face down toward hers slightly; as he did she moved up a little and whispered “More than anything in the world I’ve ever wanted, I want this.” The other candle went out as she pulled his face to hers and their lips met.


Angie and Ryan came walking into the Wagon Wheel, scowling. “Man, that has to be the most unfair assignment I’ve ever heard of!” she grumped as she set her backpack into the booth. “Tell me about it. Like I want to work that hard so close to summer vacation.” Both Jill and Sue heard the ruckus and came over to hear what the problem was. “Hey, sweetie” Jill said, sitting down next to her son. “Why the long face?” “Aw, Mom…we just got handed an impossible assignment, that’s all. There’s no way we’re going to be able to get it done before summer.” Sue looked at Jill, who raised a shaped eyebrow back at her. “So, what’s this “impossible” assignment all about, Angie?” She rolled her eyes at her mother and sighed. “It’s a cross-training kind of thing. We’re being being taught data collection, listening and remembering skills, and writing skills. We have to interview some older people-you know, like you and Momma Jill-and hear about part of your lives, things that impacted you or affected you. Then we have to write up part of it, then write up what we learned about the whole thing, and what we learned about our…our…I’m blanking out on the word, here.” “Interviewees?” Sue said, and Angie nodded.” Sue and Jill both rolled their eyes; they didn’t consider themselves ‘old’ by any stretch-but to their children, they were older, certainly. “The problem is, it just can’t be you parental units. Aunts, Uncles, grandparents-all are fair game. But we only have a week or so to get it done in, and….” “I have an idea” Jill said, thoughtfully. “You know we all meet on Friday nights. Why don’t we get a few more people involved? Sue, I bet Jean would love to come down and share.” “Hmmm…now that you mention it, so would Pat. Can you book the party room for this? Ryan, you can use Mr. Roberts and I, and Angie, you can use Jean, Pat, and the Sullivans.” The pair looked at each other, and a slight glimmer of hope crossed their faces. “But…you both will have to call them and ask. Jill, since we’re here anyway, I think they can get away with not asking us.” “No deal. I want a call from Angie if I’m going to be interviewed-and Ryan, you need to call the Roberts and ask them.”


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