Sample Pages 21-…Agus Beidh Na Páistí Mar Thoradh Orthu….

The flight home-nearly a full day-gave them both a chance to rest, relax, and write. They arrived back at Conroy-Venture to find clan-family and loved ones waiting; Speed and Ryan picked up their luggage and herded them out to the car to talk safely. ##Looks like another of our offspring is likely heading to State; Catraoine is very serious about this as a career.## ##Good for her. It is good she knows the path she wishes to take now, rather than trying to guess two years from now## Nova sent. Speed added##I concur. Meantime, it’s good to have you both home safely.## ##Worried, love?## ##As unusual as it sounds…yes, actually I was worried for once.## ##Awwww, that’s sweet.## She shifted to open thought for Cat’s sake. **Hey…Piggy’s is for lunch, right?** “Yes; I need some good barbecue.” Ryan smiled and sent **You’re going to want something to eat that is protein based; you both look like you’ve eaten your fair share of vegetarian based meals.** Now Cat smiled, thought hard, and sent **You got that right, Dadaí Ryan. I think I could eat a pound-plus of cow.** Two heads snapped in her direction as Ryan-who was driving and couldn’t look back-sent **Cat?** **You were expecting Tommy, perhaps? I’m also glad to have a little legroom; Mumbai was crammed worse than Narita was a year ago.**


Tommy and Amy were alone at her home. They had done their homework and found they had a little extra time. They had textbooks out and tablets out, but that was only to make sure that things were completed…a month in advance. That they had done their homework over lunch mattered little; just then they were necking. Finally, she pulled back from him.“Tomás, my beloved…I…we…need to talk. There’s something I need to tell you.” His heart sank. “Yes, Amethyst?” **I know you’re Cosantóirí. You glow green.** He sighed. **Then let’s get this out in the open, my love. I have known for some time you are Qui Praeliator.** **And this does not bother you?** she said kissing him again. His mouth opened wide as he replied **No. Should it? Our people are at peace, and have been for several years here-and nearly a year overseas** he replied, sucking her tongue into his mouth, and feeling strangely gratified to hear her moan softly in response. **I know that as well as you do. But what of the parental units? What might they think?** **I find I do not care what they think. Amethyst Anderson, I love you. To me, that is all that matters.** **Tomás Clarkson, I love you as well, deeply and totally. But what if we should happen to bond?** **Then we shall share our lives together. It does not make sense logically, I know.**


The next day, Pedro was stopped and examined by both Godot and Demcinque. Once they had finished, he was allowed to walk into the Cabana. He walked inside, grabbed a cup of coffee…and stopped short. Sitting in one of the chairs, enjoying his breakfast, sat the President of the United States, laughing and talking with David, Cass and Steven Starr. Watching them, and talking amongst themselves, sat all the other leaders. He was unsure of what to say or where to sit, until Jon waived him over. “Regulus Martinez, meet Chuck Watson. Yes, he’s the President, but today he’s just an interested party.” Pedro shook his hand. “Pedro, a pleasure. I’ve followed your play on the Banshees for some time; you’re a pain to the Earthquakes.” David looked at him and said, “Chuck’s an interested party who has some information we need to do our jobs. Speaking of which…young man, your travel fund is growing nicely.” He nodded and smiled as he relaxed. “Thank you, Scothaosta David.” Chuck looked at David and raised an eyebrow. “David, are you funding this little shindig? I know you’re well off, but….” Pedro shook his head. “No. We give him money to invest, and we run things from those funds.” “And on occasion, I make short-term loans to get the ball rolling.” Several heads nodded as Pedro sat down, only to find his favorite breakfast materializing in front of him. Ryan smiled, nodded, and vanished. Angie and Cat came in, their Nikons blazing. Cat didn’t stop, but Angie drew up short. “Catraoine, show some respect.” She glanced over, took a picture, then put it down. “Good morning, Mr. Watson.” He smiled at her and said, “Good morning, Cat. How’s the Pixie of the Press Corps this morning?” “Not totally caffeinated, sir. I guess I should show a little more respect for you and your office.” There was a few good-natured laughs as their breakfast materialized. “Morning, love” Ryan said, setting down their plates and accepting a kiss from Angie. Cat hugged him, then picked up her coffee and took a huge hit off it. “Thanks, Dadaí Ryan.” “Behave, you two” he said, then vanished. “Is people appearing and disappearing at will normal?” Chuck asked. Jillian smiled at him and replied “It is around here. Shall we get started?”


Mark rolled over to find Jillian lying there, her arm around him, the music still playing on the TV as it had all night. ++Uhhhhhh…need to move++ he sent, which only made her tighten her grip on him. She sighed softly, made a happy sound, and went right back to sleep. ++No, really. I’ve got to go to the bathroom. You need to let me go.++ ++Fine. Be that way.++ She let him go, and he got up and took care of business. He came back in, to find her sitting up, stretching her muscles, and looking particularly attractive. ++Nice view.++ ++Sure, look at me with those eyes and call me good look…what are you…oooohh, älskling….++ Just under an hour later, they got cleaned up, dressed, and headed off for breakfast. Over their meal they talked softly, holding hands and eating a light breakfast of fruit, granola, and bread. The ocean came in just yards from where they sat, and while she thought the whole thing was wonderfully romantic, there was something else on her mind. After breakfast, they headed over to the beach area and swung into a beach hammock. ++Tell me, M’nai…how long do we want to keep leading? When do we become församlingsäldste?++ He grinned at her and sent ++Not anytime soon. But…I think we need to begin preparing Annalie for the job. She’s doing well, but we’re not getting any younger, and while I don’t mind the work I think we have another seven to twelve years. At some point we’re going to want to slow down even more.++ ++Ever consider traveling by motor home to some of our teachings?++ ++Only when I get in line for the TSA. Otherwise, not so much. It’s a little difficult to get here or to Stockholm in one of those.++ Now she laughed. ++You sure?++ ++Yes. We’re not on the road that much, and when we are, it’s an extended trip-or we’re flying over one ocean or another.++ ++Ever thought about what you’re leaving behind?++ ++No. I’ve been too busy living my life to think about who and what follows when I get translated to…to…where is it we as De med förmåga end up?++ Jillian smiled at him. ++Diarmuid has been translating some stuff that seems credible. If it’s believable, we end up in someplace called Delstaten Evigheten.++ He smiled at her. ++The land of eternity? Seems fitting. Hopefully, it’s a place like Síoraí Chathair is supposed to be.++ He paused for a moment, then smiled. ++Enough of that. It’s a nice day, and I want to take advantage of the warmer weather…and go do something that doesn’t require me to make some earth-shattering decisions.++ ++Mmmm…I like the sound of that. I think we should start by staying right here for a few moments, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean.++


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