Sample Pages 2-Maturity

At that moment Mark walked in. He saw Suzu sitting in some prof’s lap being nuzzled on and he turned around to walk out, seething. There’d always been a part of him waiting for her to leave him since they’d completed their tógann de nascadh anyway, like Vicky’s bond had done. But the appearance of her carrying on like this during working hours was too much for him to watch. She spotted him as he turned away and cried “Mark, wait!” He turned around to see her struggling to get up, and suddenly realized that she really wasn’t in his lap willingly.

That did it.

Mark turned around and covered the distance to the table in three strides. “Sue, honey, is there a problem here?” he asked her. The look on her face was one of great relief that he was there for her, which spoke volumes to him.  Professor Bennett looked at him. “Young man, there is no problem here. I spilled my coffee and merely asked the young lady here to get this cleaned up and get me another cup.” “And you think that gives you the right to a free lap dance?” Mark asked, with a fire in his eyes that suddenly scared Sue. People were starting to circle around the trio. “Young man, I assure you that is not what…” Mark glared at him. He pointed a finger to the much older man. “I know what I saw. I think it’s time you apologized to my girlfriend here, let her go get you a cup of whatever you want to go, and you can return from whatever rock you crawled out from under.”

Suddenly, Professor Bennett seemed very confused. “I…I think you’re right.” Mark waved his hand at him. “And I don’t think you want to ever bother this young lady-or any other employees here-again, am I right?” “Yes. I’m…I’m sorry, miss…I guess I just seemed a little too enthusiastic and got carried away.” Mark looked around and waived his hand dismissively. “There’s nothing to see here anymore. This party’s over.”


At first, Mark thought this was a silly idea. He and Sue simply couldn’t afford to go anywhere for spring break this year; there wasn’t quite enough set aside to even go anyplace cheap after their honeymoon. Which was fine; the memories from that would carry them until summer. But Sue and Vicky had been talking, and they had concocted a plan that, while it seemed silly, made a certain amount of sense. They had jotted down what they both had liked about past spring breaks, and simply moved those things home. So Mark, Sue, Dave, and Vicky were all sitting around their backyard, sunning themselves, playing frisbee, barbecuing, and generally acting as if they were someplace a few degrees warmer. No, they couldn’t go swimming-but the girls were determined to have at least one day outside.The guys were not about to argue. “It’s a really nice day out and the sun does feel nice,” Mark reflected as he rubbed a little suntan lotion on Sue’s back. Dave was doing the same with Vicky. Sue’s skin always felt so soft to him, and rubbing her back like this made him wish they were alone. Dave felt the same way, but like Mark, chose to not say anything. “That will come later on tonight” he mused, smiling slightly. While he and Vicky were a faoi bhanna and had finally gotten most of their hormonal issues in check, every once in a while…he shook his head to clear that thought as well.

Mark got up and stretched. “Anybody hungry for another hotdog? Or, are you ready to order a pizza?” Vicky didn’t budge but simply went “Ooof! I’m stuffed. How can you even think of eating, eh?” Dave laughed. “We’re guys. It’s what we think about a lot.” Vicky paused for a moment. “That’s not true. You’re thinking about sex again.” Now it was Mark’s turn to laugh. “Sex isn’t the only thing on a guy’s mind, Vicky.” He paused as she tried to scan his thoughts, and deflected her good-naturedly. He went on: “It’s close-but there are other things we think about.” He could sense Sue’s lesser mental signature trying to peek in. He thought about the night they were a faoi bhanna, and the time they shared at Colombo’s. “He’s right, Vicky. There’s pizza on his mind….” “And hockey on Dave’s. Honey, the Oilers don’t play until seven tonight, eh. And they’ll play just fine without you glued to the set.” Dave smiled. Vicky was good, but needed to learn subtle. “Mark, you want another Coke?” “Sure. They’re in the fridge.” Dave shimmered slightly and vanished, only to reappear a minute later with two cans of Coke, a Diet Coke, and a Sprite for Sue. Mark grinned. “Nice trick. How far can you go?” “Pretty much local line of sight, or from say, here to the kitchen or restroom. It’s not like some people think; I can’t travel home this way, for example. Still…it’s nice when I’m running late for class.” Sue asked Mark to tie her top back up, so she could sit up and take a hit off her drink. Vicky sat up and tied her top back on for a moment. “Dave, you being late for class would be an anomaly unto itself. You’re always early, eh.” Opening the Diet Coke for her, Mark then floated it over to her and set it down. She picked it up and drank some of it. “Sue, does Mark’s ability to float things irritate you sometimes?” Sue laughed. “Not always. There can be times when that ability is…interesting, shall we say.” Dave looked over at Mark, as did Vicky. “I’ll just bet there are.” Mark said nothing, but smiled and raised an eyebrow.


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