Sample Pages 19-Trí Corónacha

“We all still love each other. We’re all still a níos neasghaolta; that can never change, according to what you said the prescients told you. But what should have happened has finally happened: Angie, they’ve sealed us together as only they could have. Look at your father, and what do you see?” She turned to him and gasped. There was now more electric blue than dark green in his energy signature. Looking at Jillian, hers was as beautiful a blue as it had ever been, with the very occasional green fleck. “Daddy?” she whispered. He smiled peacefully at her. “Angie…with you and Ryan as my witnesses, I proclaim ár Suzette Roberts-Sullivan the Matriarch of Glacadh Éineacht Clan Roberts…and I hereby step down as Príomh Ceannairí-Múinteoirí a lán of the North American Cosantóirí, ceding that title to her as well. If there is room in her heart and her leadership, I ask that I be made Ceannairí-Múinteoirí a lán in her stead.” Angie shook her head. “I do not accept this.” Ryan looked at his mother, then at the man who had proven his love for her over and over for years on end. He had literally surrendered part of his birthright for her, which deep inside his heart Ryan had somehow known he would. He found himself speaking the words he never thought he’d hear himself say: “Angie…you have to. He’s given everything up for her. He’s not fully half Cosantóirí anymore; he has less than fifty percent now” Ryan said. “By the Rialacha agus Deasghnátha na Cosantóirí, he can no longer….” “Screw the Rialacha agus Deasghnátha na Cosantóirí! He can’t…not…he’s my Dad….” Jillian spoke softly, but with authority, still somewhat weakened. “Annalie…as my Biträde, and in front of witnesses, I hereby reaffirm Ambassadören ár Mark Roberts as my Gemål…and hereby declare him both De med förmåga and my Medregent. Though he is still halvblod, his willingness to forego all other loves to join with me, to restore my health, to share what we now have has cost him dearly: it has taken a portion of his Cosantóirí heritage from him. I will not let him drift alone, with no familj.” “Som du säger så skall det vara, min Främsta.” (As you say so shall it be, my Främsta.) Angie was all but sobbing now. “Stop this, all of you! I can’t let you do this!” Suzette sighed. “Ryan…since Angie isn’t listening, my first official duty is to accept the leadership of Glacadh Éineacht Clan Roberts…and I hereby accept the title Príomh Ceannairí-Múinteoirí a lán of the North American Cosantóirí.


Now Angie rose again, her voice wooden. “To become permanent, these changes must be ratified by a simple majority. Before any kind of vote can take place, there must be discussion. So…discuss.” She sat back down as Art rose. “What happens if we choose not to accept this?” “Then by default the Clan Scéalaí becomes clan leader, and the post of Príomh goes to that person until a new clan leader is chosen, or a new Príomh is selected by the Ceannaire na Ceannairí.” “I say we set aside the Rialacha agus Deasghnátha na Cosantóirí” Joey said. “Mark’s our leader. He formed the clan, he’s guided it, shaped it. He brought peace to over a….” A small voice from the rear said “That doesn’t matter.” All heads turned to Dairmuid, who walked slowly to the front. “This may cost me my position as Shaoiste. If it does, I’ve had a great example to follow in my Morfar Mark.” He looked at the adults and swallowed hard. “This is not what he’d want. He wants an orderly transition of power. It’s why he’s not in here right now, so you can discuss it freely, without his presence to influence you. He’d want you to accept this graciously. For heaven’s sake, listen to you! You all sound like us clan-kids! He’s not the reason this clan exists. Oh, sure. He is-was-the Patriarch. In some ways, he always will be Patriarch. But he taught us all better than this, every last one of us. Come on, all of you. You’re adults…act like adults.”


“Yeah, I know. I am so jealous. It’s not often that one of these is so close. I wish I could go with her.” “Be careful what you wish for, honey. Sometimes, those wishes come true” Shannon said. “Yeah, right. Like I’d be able to get…hey, whose bag is that?” “Yours. Tanner sent it over here, along with this” Angie said. She opened the bag first- “She’s just like her mother was in high school: check out the gear first” Jillian thought, as Mark wandered over with the older kids. “Wow. Niiiice. A better speedlight, a few more lenses-including one almost as big as I am-and a new bag to carry most of it in. He must’ve gotten a heck of a deal.” “He did” Bree said, “…by using his pro discount.” “This is great-but now I need something to go play with this stuff for.” “That’s what’s inside the envelope, dear” Angie said. Cat’s hands started to tremble a little bit; inside was her tickets, her registration, and a letter from Tanner stating she was a junior intern for the rest of the school year, just in case. She looked at Angie, tears starting to fall as it hit her. “Really?” she whispered. Angie nodded, and she hugged her mother. “You have some assignments from both the school and Tanner; don’t let me down. Now, c’mon. You have to go home and pack for two weeks; I’ll give you a hand-and before that, we need to get you at least one more battery for your camera, maybe two.” Cat was so excited she couldn’t help herself. She turned, looked at her friend Tammy Thompson and screamed “I’m working the Olympics!” A few of the other kids came over to congratulate her; even Tommy was happy-or at least, showed signs that he was indeed happy for her. Rónán came over and hugged her tightly. “Go show ‘em what you’re made of, Kit” he whispered in her ear. “You can do this. Don’t let me down, doll. Make me proud of you.” He grinned and winked at her. She grinned back and hugged him again “…for luck, ‘cause I’m gonna need it all.”


Diarmuid, while not expending the energy his clan-family had been, was equally as wiped out. Instead of floating things or teleporting, he was undergoing some advanced healing training at the hands of three healers: Angie, Suzette, and Jean. Each one took nine minutes, gave him a minute to heal his own headache, and the next one started. But after three rounds of instruction and dulling his own headaches, Jean took pity on him and took away the third one, the one she’d given him. **Okay. So…now let’s discuss how the maitrísí inmheánacha and the ionad anam lárnacha interact when there’s been a trauma.** **Head or…** **Head.** Diarmuid spat out the requested information; Angie nodded. **Now describe what exactly has to happen-and why-in the transference of croílár shaol.** Life-essence transfer is only used in extreme cases to preserve the mind and cumais in the center of the ionad anam lárnacha…** he started off, and finished it with **…but it also occurs naturally in certain cases, such as the a bheith mar cheann anam and the a faoi bhanna. It also occurs during certain other psionic events, such as the Ritualen av delad hjärtan and löfte om kärlek bindande if the pair are under löftet om själens kärlek.** **Very good, Diar…wait a second. What was that last part?** **I said that it also occurs during certain other psionic events, such as the Ritualen av delad hjärtan and löfte om kärlek bindande if the pair are under löftet om själens kärlek.** **How much is transferred in the löftet om själens kärlek?** **A token amount, never more than one percent, but enough to set up the protobindningen, or protobonding, that occurs. It’s an ofrivillig thing and cannot be stopped once started.** **A what thing?** Jean asked. **Sorry. Try neamhdheonach or involuntary thing; it seems to focus in the autonomous region of what we call the ionad anam lárnacha. In short: it can’t be helped or stopped once started.** **Do you have any idea how it works in the löftet om själens kärlek?** Suzette asked excitedly. **I do…a little. It’s part of what creates it in the first place: it’s all in the psychoastran fields; the area that becomes what the De med förmåga call the centrum själ kärna…or what we call the ionad anam lárnacha.** The three healers looked at one another and suddenly understood what had happened to Mark and Jillian all those years ago. **Mom…it couldn’t have been helped. Literally, once they kissed each other…he was hers forever and vice versa.** **Then how does that work with….** Diarmuid thought about it for a moment. **It’s slightly different. The grá gealladh an anam-or promised love of the soul-means there has to be some sort of emotional bond on the part of one or both partners. In the löftet om själens kärlek-or promise of the soul’s love-it’s the promise of that love which draws them together in the first place. Which means….** Diarmuid looked right at Suzette and said, **…at least one of you was in love with the other-if not both of you in love with the one-who is now your chúpláilte de anamacha. Given that you are the stronger psionic, my guess is that would be you, Maimeó Suzette** There was a pause, then Angie sent privately **Uhhh…awkward.**


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