Sample Pages 18-Go Deo Grá

There came a heart-wrenching scream from upstairs, then the sound of a man wailing, mourning his loss. ##Knj! Is he…?## Russ and Suzette ran upstairs into An Nead, only to find Mark curled up in a fetal position on leaba mór, sobbing, screaming, while Jillian held him, stroking his hair, allowing him to cry. She looked up at them, tears in her own eyes. ##I can’t reach him, Tq’r! It’s like he’s all alone in there! Help me reach him…please. Help me to get through to him.## Suzette went to touch him, and her hand snapped off of him. **Angela…need your help** she sent. Russ rematerialized with Angie in tow. **Get ready. He’s got some sort of shield up; we need to make a hole in it big enough to let Jillian in.** **Got it, Mom. Momma Jillian, get ready.** The two healers took one of Mark’s hands in theirs, and closed their eyes, ignoring the obvious pain long enough for Jillian to ease into his mind. A gentle pinkish-red sköld färg formed around all of them; Jillian looked around inside his mind as Angie and Suzette finally had to let go of Mark. ##Jillian, what’s going on in there?## Suzette sent. ##Hang on a sec. It’s incredible what I’m seeing in here…oh, there he is. Come to me, min kärlek. My poor, poor baby…shhhhh, it’s okay, M’nai. Let the wall down, honung, so Tq’r can help you heal.## ##No. Don’t wanna. Hurts. Pain. Make it go ‘way.## ##I’m trying, älskling. But I’m not a healer. Let Tq’r inside, sweetie.## The sciath dath winked out of existence, and Suzette tried again. This time, she touched him, and the spark sent her backwards. **Momma Jillian, get him to drop the shield.** **In a minute, dear. I’m trying to lull a scared little boy to sleep. He’s about cried himself out, poor thing.** A minute passed, then two, then a third. Finally, Jillian sent ##Okay, Tq’r. You can come in now.## Suzette gingerly entered his mind and was stunned at what she saw. **Angie…get in here. It looks like a disaster zone in here.** Angie gently touched her father, and looked inside her father’s mind. She gasped physically, though in a mental state. Mark’s normally neat, tidy thoughts and orderly patterns were thrashed. She saw all kinds of chaos, and his ionad anam lárnacha was glowing dimly, with what appeared to be sparks coming from it. In the middle of it all sat Jillian’s mental image, on her knees, rocking the mental image of her father, who was in obvious distress. She was humming softly, and had already cleaned up some of the mess in the immediate vicinity. Angie looked at the image of her father, and noticed his hands looked almost bloody, and was clutching something that appeared to be broken, with jagged edges. **Get to work, ladies. He’s not going to remain calm for long.** Healing energy began to swirl around her as she spoke. **Mom, be careful. With Momma Jillian sitting in here, it can throw the balance off.** **I hear you, Angie. Let me ease around his ionad anam lárnacha so I can fix it and fire it up, dear.** They went around, healing, cleaning, correcting, all while Jillian held his image. Finally, Suzette sent Angie out. **I’m going to have to have to do his cneasaithe de chuimhne with Jillian sitting in here; I don’t want to disturb him if he’s already relaxed.** **Mom…you can’t do that. I can’t let you do that; it could bond them….** **Too late, Angie. We’re already soulbonded, promised long before that, fused soul to soul by love. He’s my true love, and I’m his. I have part of his lifeessence, and he carries part of mine. Do what you need to do around me. It’s a chance I’ll have to take.** **At least take that thing out of his hands first. What is it, anyway?** Suzette looked at Jillian, who suddenly looked cross. **What do you think it is? It’s a broken promise. You of all people should know he held her promise to look after him in high regard…especially after his parents died. The poor thing…he feels like he’s all alone now.** She rocked him gently and cooed **It’s okay, min söta bebis (my sweet baby). I’m here for you…you’re not alone. Let go of the broken promise, and take hold of my love. Come back to me, min dyrbara kärlek (my precious love).**


About the same time, over in Nua Baile Comhpháirteach, Russ was already deep inside Suzette, kissing her, fondling her, in complete and total obedience to the order she’d planted. ++Become one with me gan scor, Tq’r. Join with me…become mine do go deo mianach aonar….++ Suzette suddenly panicked. Something had gone hideously wrong with her implanted command. She struggled to get him off and out of her, but the struggle intensified his movements, enflaming her own passions. ++NO! Wait! This isn’t supposed to happen! Sltv, stop…I can’t…become your…ooohh, nooo…dooonn’t…stop….++ Suddenly, the order she’d given herself kicked in, and she found she could no longer resist him, nor did she want to. She felt herself losing control… ++Yessss…mon amour…yours…do go deo mise aonar…forever yours alone…toujours à toi seul…votre amour pour toujours (forever yours alone…your forever love)…oui…your true love…forever….++


##Paris was wonderful## Suzette sighed over her beef brisket. ##So pretty, so romantic, especially at night.## ##We had a marvelous time in Stockholm as well. Elina sends her very best to one and all## Jillian replied, taking a bite off a rib. Mark reached over, gently took her hand, and sucked the sauce off her fingers. ##Yum. Honey Barbecue.## Russ shook his head. ##I trust you two were all over each other?## ##Roger that. Like you two weren’t?## Mark replied. Russ grinned at him. ##Don’t be silly; we were worse than the kids were. Gonna share in leaba mór tonight?## ##Not just yes. We missed you two…sort of.## ##We understand## Jillian replied. ##Now all we have to do is get home and not get the riot act read to us by our children…or our grandchildren.## ##Might be easier said than done. I suppose we should have told them our plans in advance## Suzette sent as she put some honey on a piece of cornbread and fed it to Russ, who ate it then licked the honey off her fingers. ##Yum is right. Original sauce and honey. So…was the extra five days worth the heartburn we’re going to get?## They all looked at one another-and broke out in raucous laughter. Four minds shared one thought: ##You bet it was!## After dinner was done, the four weary world-travelers got back in the car and headed for Spaulding Valley and home, where a hot tub, a little wine, and one of the biggest beds ever made was waiting for them…as were the younger níos neasghaolta and their grandchildren and some clan members. “Finally decided to come home, did you?” Jean said teasingly as Pat gave Suzette a welcoming hug. “Oui. It was nice to have a few days to ourselves; as much fun as we had with the kids it was also fun to spend time alone. It’s nice to be home, though.” “Ciara is convinced you were engaged in some adult activity called she called ‘cuddlebunnies.’ Is this true?” Tommy asked. Jillian looked at Ciara and winked, as if to acknowledge the truth. “Yes, we did. And before you ask…no, we’re not going to explain it to you.” Diarmuid asked Jillian “Fick du möta Hövding Elina?” (Did you meet with Hövding Elina?) She smiled and replied “Ja, det gjorde vi. Hon säger hej till dig.” (Yes, we did. She says hello to you.) “Cool. She’s really nice-and really pretty.” Ciara batted him upside the head. “She’s also way older than you, lives half a world away-and she’s out of your league, if you know what’s good for you.”


Diarmuid, Odran, Tommy and Ciara were cleaning the mess up in the cabana; the smaller kids were being watched by Cat as none of the adults were out from their rooms yet. “Geez, there’s bottles everywhere. What the heck was in this stuff? There’s like three and a quarter cases worth of empty bottles-and there’s still plenty half-full ones.” Odran picked up a bottle. “Hmmm. I don’t know much about beer, but I know enough about fermentation and plant extr…by Gaia’s children! What was that idiot thinking?” The others stopped and looked at him. “Tommy, Diarmuid-one of you look up what an average beer is supposed to have in terms of alcoholic content.” “That’s easy, Odran. About five to six percent; some can have as high as twelve percent. Why?” “Twelve percent is what this is marked at, along with Ginseng, Damiana, and Yohimbe extracts.” “Which means what?” “Which means the label isn’t kidding: it’s designed to “warm your heart over the cold of the season.” This stuff’s designed to lower inhibitions and…um….” He looked over at Tommy, who looked at him and said “It is designed, apparently, to be consumed as a precursor to physically intimate relations, including sexual intercourse.” It was Diarmuid who suddenly got it. “At least two bottles of this times every person over twenty-one….” “…coupled with psionically enabled adults and their partners….” Odran said, suddenly looking concerned as Tommy added “…at a festive gathering where they were comfortable and thus already had lowered inhibitions….” Ciara slapped her forehead as she finished the thought “…equals a clanload of adults who were doing the nasty dance…including the moms and dads.”


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