Sample Pages 17-Idir Charraig

That did it. Both Gerhardt and Jillian rose as one. Jillian glared at him and said “He’s twice the man you are!” “And if you want to get to him, you have to go through me first” Gerhardt growled menacingly. “And who might you be?” Gerhardt strode up to the stage, as Jillian followed him. “I am Gerhardt Pflüger, Statthalter of the Kinder der Fähigkeit.” “And I am Jillian Sullivan-Roberts, better known as Jillian Svenson-and I’m the Ambassadören-Löjtnanten of the De med förmåga. And we’re tired of hearing you whining about howxxkkxs….” Her voice fell off in a choking sound as she looked into the audience with panic on her face, hoping her M’nai would help her. “Damn,” Mark thought. “This wasn’t supposed to happen. Looks like there’s only one choice. I won’t let him kill her.” He rose to his feet and said “You’ve finally shown your true colors, Mr. Sandoval. I demand you let her go!” “By what authority, old man?” he demanded. “I am the one you seek. I am the one who holds the authority, not you.” Camera three zoomed in on Mark as he pointed to Guillermo and said, “My name is Mark Roberts, and I am the Príomh Ceannairí-Múinteoirí a lán of the Cosantóirí. I demand you let her go!” Guillermo released Jill, who teleported over and stood next to Mark. “You? Old man, you make me laugh. I have to defeat you?” “You do. Any where, any time, any place. You know the rules; they haven’t changed in over a thousand years. Do you not fear me? You should. I am your worst nightmare, young man.”


Jillian picked up the phone, listened to it, and screamed. Russ and Suzette came running; she put Tawny on the speaker as she explained what had happened. “He’s the luckiest one. Yes, he’s in an induced coma…but the guy that t-boned him didn’t make it here, and the guy behind him died on the table. They estimated he was hit at nearly forty-five miles an hour from the side…and thirty from the rear. The sad part is that the SOB that t-boned him had a BAC of nearly point-two. Better get everyone down here…it’s touch and go.” They grabbed Angie and Ryan, told Nova to get Diarmuid on the listserv and send a notice out, and took off as fast as they dared. She met them in the emergency room foyer and took them back. Jillian gasped and started to tear up; Angie was in tears already. He lay there, hooked up to several machines, breathing softly. Tawny pushed them all inside and glared at them. “I can’t fix this. His brain may or may not have a concussion; we can’t tell because he’s too damn fragile to move and there’s something blocking the portable reader. You’re all psionic…you tell me what to do. Are any of you healers?” Jean nodded, then Sue and Angie. “Then do whatever it is that you do to heal him, because I can’t do anything else. Medicine has kept him alive-but we don’t know any…thing…else….” She stopped as they all went to him. Jean started spouting things Tawny recognized, and started taking notes. “Some minor internal hemorrhaging…minor damage to his spine, lungs, and stomach due to blunt force trauma. Also has a grade 1 ankle sprain from where they had to twist him to get him out. Some internal bruising, which will show up if we don’t stem it soon. Might have a fractured left humerus, does have both a fractured left radius and ulna. May also have a sub-periosteal hematoma on his femur…but those can wait. As for his brain…Suzette, can you turn that damn thing off?” “That pinkish thing? I wish. I don’t have the ability to…waitaminnit. Ár Jillian, can you reach him, tell him to turn off that armor thing?” ++Kärlek…you’re safe. I’m here with you…turn off the ai no yoroi, so we can see inside your mind.++ The armor winked off, and three healers recoiled at what they saw.


Russ, Jillian, Angie, Suzette, Ryan, Missy, and Jean all went to Mark’s bedside. Jillian leaned over to smooth his hair-and never felt Donata’s touch. “Missy, be a good…there you go. Okay, Missy, Ryan. You know the drill.” They nodded and left to stand watch outside the room as Russ sat down and got comfortable. Suzette smiled at him…and Angie knocked him out. **Mom, you’re next. Please make yourself comfy.** Jean touched her and knocked her out, then she, Donata, and Angie connected them. They went in…and less then a minute later backed out. They awoke Russ and Suzette, and shook their heads. She nodded, and the four of them went back inside Mark’s mind, then Jillian’s. Careful not to take any more of her life-essence than needed, they patched the damage to his ionad anam lárnacha with a small amount of hers-then made sure hers contained enough healing energy to fix what she’d been given from his. They then went to back to work, fixing this bone, strengthening that bond, healing this now minor issue, checking to insure that he was still chúpláilte de anamacha with Suzette, ensuring that Jillian’s ties to Russ were as strong as they could be now, given what they’d done. Then three of them left, and it was just Suzette inside now, doing the last few things only she could do. She adjusted the last few things, strengthened the bond that drew Mark and Jillian together, then changed a few minor memories that had already been shifted inside Jillian-or would be shortly. Sighing mentally, she found herself hoping that things weren’t going to come to what everyone’s deepest fears were, including herself. Before she left his mind, she took one last look around and suddenly realized she had one last thing to do-and nothing to worry about, if what she just saw held true. Smiling, she went back to herself, and sat a moment. Angie woke Jillian, who looked at them-and realized what they’d done.


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