Sample Pages 16-Faoistiní

##You have nothing to feel guilty about. You both always were one of us; you just had to have the right switches flipped. For that, I not only am not taking credit but I am not taking the blame, either. You both willingly chose to pursue the rituals you did-and this is the result.## He took her hand and kissed it, adding ##Not that I’m complaining…but you were asked if you both were sure you wanted to go there. Now you’re among our number-and you have the same issues and feelings we do.## Sue glanced at Russ and smiled dreamily. ##And the same drives as well.## Now Jill grinned. ##Shaobhadh. And you’re right, älskare…we did undertake all of this quite willingly.## Then her facial features changed just slightly as she went on. ##However, we also took it on in blind faith.## Sue looked at Jill and rolled her eyes. ##We’ve had this conversation before.## Now Jill’s eyes flashed in anger. ##You’re right; we have. But it still remains that we had no idea what we were getting into…and you let us make decisions that were not terribly well informed. And I don’t care if you can kill me by a single touch; you’ve been a little too smug about all this. It’s not like you.## Russ glanced at Mark; he shook his head almost imperceptibly back, wanting her to work through this on her own. ##Now we’re just like you two and we haven’t had the luxury of growing up or getting old with it. And we’re just supposed to accept it?## Sue looked at her wearily. ##Yes, you are.## That stopped Jill for a moment; she was speechless and it showed. Mark looked up at her with both love and a certain sadness in his eyes. ##She’s right, Knj. You are supposed to accept it. You had every opportunity to say no, you were given every chance right up until Moira died and we all became Kondenserad själsfrände kärlek. When that happened, you forfeited all rights to being just another gorgeous supermodel. You became psionic. You’re one of us now, and you get the bad with the good, like it or not. Your förmågor finally showed up; you underwent your att manifestera and when you did you became En Som Cosantóirí…and we became Bundet Sammanslagna själ-kärlek. Just as Tq’r and I gave our marriage over to love and care for you both, you gave yours over to us. Which is why we are in the position we are, min sann kärlek…and why you wear my ring. So in that regard, yes….you are supposed to accept it. Nobody ever said it would be easy, and nobody said we are always the good guys-though in a sense we are, most of the time. But the flip side is that we also have a lot of power and a lot of responsibility…and there are those who resent our Cosantóirí attitude.##


Gerhardt glanced at Bramwell, then to Donata. They shook their heads gently; they were not agreeing to work with Bloch as they did not trust him. He nodded as he said, “Count us in as well, Mr. Bloch. The Kinder der Fähigkeit have never backed away from their duties-and like our Cosantóirí allies, want to keep the peace.” He stood and faced his family member; even now the former football player known as “The Pride of East County” was a large, formidable man who looked like it wouldn’t take too much to get back into playing condition. He added, “But…you’re gonna have to cooperate with us, the way I see it. You can threaten us, harass us, bully us-and go nowhere and get nothing but a dagger in your throat for your troubles. Or…you can play nicely, let us do our work as we see fit-and you’ll look like a genius. Open your mind, mein kind.” Todd sighed. “Okay. So help me out here. How do I do this? How do I go back and explain to my superior that I just got told ‘no dice?’ What magic words to you have for me?” Mark paused, suddenly unsure of how to proceed. Everyone in the room looked at him, wondering the same thing. Diarmuid looked at them and shook his head. “Mr. Bloch, you’re a spy or government agent of some sort. You have to be, or you wouldn’t be here. I don’t think you’re like Mulder or Sculley from the ‘X-Files;’ but I’d bet a week’s allowance you work for the government, tracking psionics. Which explains why you probably don’t know where the Regulus is.” Mark tried not to laugh; Ryan was about to send him out when Jill raised a hand. “You’re a sharp young man, Diarmuid. Make your point, please.” He nodded, then said “Yes, Ambassadören-Löjtnanten Jillian.” He turned back to Bloch and earnestly said “You don’t use your real name, I bet. Sorta like J and K in ‘Men In Black.’ Why should Farmor Jillian and Daideó Mark be any different?”


Jon Lanson was there, waiting to see what was going to come out of this. So far as he knew, Mark was the only other psionic in the room. “Or…is he?” He unfocused his eyes a moment and scanned the room. “Holy crap! The Mayor and Vice-Mayor are also Cosantóirí, as is the mayor elect and that reporter from the paper.” There were three…no, four Kinder der Fähigkeit, a half dozen De med förmåga, and over a dozen Cosantóirí. He paused, then grinned. “We’re in the safest hands in the world right now. Still…it’s my job to raise hell every once in a while.” Jon raised his hand. “Yes, Jon?” He rose and looked at Mark. “I’ve heard rumors that maybe-just maybe-because you live the way you do, you’re one of those psionic types. Your notes on your computer that were found during your ethics trial-in which you paid your due penalty for, in all fairness-were all in Irish. In Irish, Cosantóirí means “Those Who Protect.” Tell us the truth, Mark: You’re one of them, aren’t you? You’re among the Cosantóirí.” Mark stood to answer the question, his mind racing. But Steve stepped to the microphone first. “Mr. Lanson, I will not allow you to ask such questions of city employees. Even if he is, that’s nobody’s business but his.” “Okay then, Mr. Mayor” someone else said. “Are you one of these Cosantóirí?” Gwen beat Steve in answering simply, “I am Cosantóirí. So is my husband, Brock.” Jaimee rose with Tony. “We are Cosantóirí as well.” Joey rose and faced the crowd, Bree with him. “We are Cosantóirí.” Jon started to smile, until a policeman stepped forward and said “Under the definition given, I would be considered Cosantóirí as I protect and serve.” Several other police-some with psionics, some without-all rose and made the same confession. Mark and Jon both suddenly understood at the same time what people were doing. “Damn it, it’s the old Spartacus trick. This will get out of hand way too soon”


##Not at all, Tq’r. I’d been toying with some upgraded security anyway; I worry about our grandkids. Comes from being shot up, I guess. When M’nai asked if I’d look into some beefed-up security measures, I kind of doped it out. It’s for us, sure. But it’s really for the kids and grandkids, and for Dad and Jean.## ##Sis? He’s not just saying that?## ##No, Tq’r. While he has to share certain things with me-rank does have its privileges-he’s not yanking your chain. He didn’t want to bother you, not when you, Walt and Miranda were teaching and so forth. But the additional alarm system, the electrification of the fencing, the hopefully soon to be installed bigger gate and camera system…we get the benefits as well.## ##Wait a second. This has been going on all summer? Where have I been for all this?## Three voices responded as one: ##In your writing nook!## There was some laughter, then Sue got up, walked to Mark, tilted his chin up and kissed him deeply. ##I really need to start thinking of you two more as the leaders you’ve become. It never occurred to me that this had gotten past a few people outside the clan and was more than a loose connection. You two are drawing us together as a people.## ##Which also means you two get a little more responsibility locally. What happens when it’s gathering time and we have to be in Dublin or Stockholm? Or the only time to meet with other clans or family leaders is gathering weekend? You two will have to run the show here for us## Mark sent. Both Sue and Russ nodded. ##I never, ever considered that, M’nai## Russ sent. ##I mean, you’re the Príomh.## ##Better start paying more attention, loves. The other unspoken is what happens if he dies first? One of you two will have to take over, unless we’ve all become Scothaosta. I can’t do it.## ##Why not## Sue shot back, almost angrily. ##Seems like you’d be next in line.## Jill sighed gently. ##Sis, it’s not that I don’t want to. It’s because I can’t. Technically, I’m De med förmåga. That I’m the Ambassadören-Löjtnanten not withstanding, I can’t be in charge of the Cosantóirí because I’m not one of you.## That stopped them all for a moment. Finally, Sue turned to Russ, a slightly sour look on her face. ##I can tell they’ve been sharing brainwaves, all right. She’s getting to be just like him…right all the damn time. How did we miss the obvious?##


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