Sample Pages 15-Pianta Fáis

It happened so fast Sue didn’t even have time to process what was happening. ~*Hey, I fee…nda fun….*~ With that, she vanished. Sue looked in the backyard, and saw Jill shimmer into real-space…and back out of it. Sue could hear her thoughts in a jumble now. *#Sis…wh…penin…o me?#* **M’NAI! I NEED YOUR HELP!** **What’s going on?** **It’s Knj! She’s got a léiriú problems! If you see her, grab hold of her!**  ~*M’nai, he…me!*~ Mark came out, looking. “What’s…where’s…” Jill suddenly materialized in front of them, and Mark grabbed her and held her tightly. That was a mistake; they both suddenly vanished, a surprised look on his face and a scared one on hers. Sue listened for them, but couldn’t hear them, couldn’t sense them….There was a shimmering in front of her, and Sue grabbed Jill’s arm and all but knocked her out. Her phone rang; she looked at it and saw it was Mark. “Where are you?” “Over at Ryan and Angie’s. We’re on our way in.” Sue touched her again, bringing her back to a relaxed and semi-alert state.

Mark came in and knelt by her. **Ár Jill…focus on me.** *#I’m…trying to.#* She sat there for a moment. ~*Why do you sound like a cheap radio?*~ Angie stepped back and smiled. **Wow. I’ve never seen anything like that before.** ~*Angie, I heard that, sort of.*~ **So what’s wrong?** Mark asked. **It’s a léiriú tapa. She’s literally going through her a léiriú quickly; unlike a teenager, she’s an adult-and this could be a little rough. Angie, when’s Ryan due in?** **Not for another few hours.** **Ár Mark, you have to clear the static up, if nothing else. At least teach her how to use her telepathy, if you wouldn’t mind.** He touched her temples, and as he did Jill started to shimmer. Instead of the Ceachtanna na Cosantóirí taking place, a bluish-green sciath dath formed to protect them; she almost teleported again-but then solidified, held in place by the sciath dath. Jill’s eyes glazed over; Mark looked partially surprised and partially in great pain for a moment. Then the look on their faces turned into one of deep pleasure. A few moments later the sciath dath dropped, and Mark sat there for a moment, shaking his head. ++M’nai?++ He looked at her, with an odd expression on his face. ++Knj?++


At that moment, something snapped inside Speed. A nearly clear sciath dath sprang up around them, and Darlene noticed it first. “What the hell is this?” All heads snapped to where she was looking. Nova’s eyes were wide open as were Angie’s; they were both glassy eyed with vacant looks on their faces and were breathing shallowly. Speed looked like he was in great pain; Ryan looked like he was trapped in amber. Darlene went to reach for them but was yanked back by Sue. “Don’t touch them! Watch this.” Sue gently went to place the palm of her hand on Angie’s shoulder; the resultant Snap! and energy crackling sent her backwards into Russ’ arms. Diarmuid looked at them. “Daideó Mark, this doesn’t look good.” Ciara looked at them. “Grampa Vance, can you fix them?” “No, dear. I’m not sure what’s happening.” Odran looked at Diarmuid. “Dude…chill. Didn’t Aintín Angie say that something like this was gonna happen one of these days?” “Yeah, but….” Darlene looked at them. “Does anyone know what’s happening?” she asked weakly. Mark stood there, worried about his daughter. “I have a hunch, but I’m not really sure.” Sue looked at everyone. **I am. Everyone step away from them. In fact, let’s go into the kitchen for a moment. Now would be good** she sent. They all went over into the kitchen, but there is no wall built that can withstand long pent up, rapidly unleashed psionic energies. The resultant psionic backlash nearly dropped the adults; the kids were knocked flat on their little butts. Mark recognized it for what it was. **Vance, Darlene…you’d better be ready to deal with a temporarily unstable son.** They went back into the family room to see the four of them starting to stand up, dazed. **Angie?** **Mom? What happened?** **I don’t know, but I’m not sure I want….** **Uhhh…ár Nova? You okay?** **She seems to be unhurt. I, however, could use a thousand milligrams of acetaminophen; my frontal lobes hurt and are throbbing, and my parietal lobes have a dull ache.** Several sets of heads turned to where Speed was slowly moving around. Nova looked at him. **Ár Ken? Ár Ken? Oh, no.**


“Mark, they looked in the lab. They said they didn’t find anything in here” Art huffed as they raced into the computer lab. “It’s because they didn’t know what to look for. They were looking for a bomb-not a detonator. Unhook all those routers except for one of them.” Mark started looking at everything very carefully, then he spotted it. “Art…go now, and tell them to clear the parking lot. Run like hell, man!” “Mark, I don’t…waitaminnit! I see it! Damn, I can’t believe I didn’t catch this sooner! We only use HP’s. We don’t use Acers here!” “I know! Now MOVE IT!” Art took off at a dead run, and Mark went to the chem lab and got a pair of exam gloves. He then went back in and gently lifted the CPU case. It was much lighter, and Mark followed what appeared to be a slightly thicker cable into the wall. He ran back over to the chem lab next door, and found what looked like just a bunch of chemicals that belonged there. Suddenly, he got it. “Damn! This was the biggest one of the bunch!” He ran back over to the computer lab, pulled the power plug off the fake CPU, yanked the last router’s power plug, then yanked what he now knew to be a carefully concealed fuse out of the back. He then picked up the box and started running for the parking lot. Art, meantime, had gotten back and was yelling for everyone to clear the area. NewsStation 2 had their cameras active, and they showed Mark running toward the parking lot with a box of some sort. Jill turned and saw it, all in slow motion. He went to set it down in the open area-and he felt it. His back, between the pulling hard and the running, was now knotted. He fell to his knees and stopped for a moment, the look on his face one of great pain. Forcing himself up, he did a sort of stagger run away, almost limping, as the bomb squad carefully approached the unit behind their steel shields. Then there was a small explosion, and the force of it knocked him down.


It had not been Russell Sullivan’s best day. Picky customers, a burner going out, and he’d had to catch a ride in from Ryan as the battery on his car had died and no one was home. “What else could possibly….” There came a low voice from behind him. “Old man, don’t move or I’ll blow your fool head off those old Cosantóirí shoulders. Quietly hand me the receipts and I won’t hurt you.” “You’re a little late. It’s in the safe.” “Then open it. Don’t make me hurt you.” Russ sighed quietly. “I’ll have to move to open it.” “Okay, but no funny stuff, though.” Russ knew he could teleport, but that would expose his secret for sure-and leave this idiot to trash the place. He knelt down in front of the safe and started spinning the dials. “Hurry up! I don’t have all night!” he barked, and Russ replied “It’s hard to hurry when you keep startling me. You must be Qui Perdere; you people always were dumb as a rock.” Ryan walked in to pick up Russ, and saw what was going on. “Hey, Dad! You about-what the hell is going on?” The assailant turned and Russ leaped up and started to wrestle with him. Ryan came over to help, but….


Russ was thrown against the wall, bloody. For the first time in years, Ryan hit bloodlust. He started punching the gunman, slapping the pistol out of his hand and beating on him, until the gunman went limp. During the melee, Russ’ last act before losing total consciousness was to dial 911. He started to say something, but became unconscious. Ryan went over to his father. “Dad! Dad! Stay with me! Wake up!” He could hear the sirens coming, and prayed they weren’t too late.


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