Sample Pages 14-Do Síoraíochta

While her mind continued doing what she needed to do in Russ’ mind, her body went to the faucet, filled the tumbler again, and brought it back and set it down, then returned to massaging his shoulders, his chest, his neck. Her mind was once again adjusting certain memories, strengthening certain emotions, tamping back a few sore emotions-and a very raw one-and strengthening one bond in particular. She then strengthened another bond, but again, not as much. Finally she implanted a simple command, then she removed the memory of what had just happened replacing it with another thought. “A somewhat more pleasant one,” she thought to herself. She then slid out as Russ obediently finished the last of the second tumbler. ##Have to go, darling?## she sent. ##Yeah. Uh…mind if we umm…you know….## ##For you, I would be honored. Go, then meet me in my room.## She smiled as she followed him into the master suite, and as the door closed she touched both Mark and Jill at the same time and activated a hidden command she’d left in each of their minds earlier that day, one that told them to wake up in about ten minutes and exactly what to do-and just how long to do it-after. She didn’t have a lot of time, and doing them both was more efficient-but draining. She then went back out into An Nead. Russ came out and wrapped his arms around her, nuzzling her neck. She smiled at his touch. ##Go into my room and wait for me. I’ll be right in, love.## Russ did so; he could not do anything else but what she told him at that moment in time. Sighing, she stood as close to the window as she could, so the light from what she was about to do wouldn’t disturb anyone. Slowly, she brought her hands up and touched her temples, making the same changes to herself she had to the others-but like the other times, remembering the what, how and why of what she had irreparably altered. The glitter effect died down finally, and she stood there for a moment. Smiling now, she went into her room and closed-then locked-the door. ##Tq’r, I need you, now more than ever, to take my mind off my troubles. Do for me what only you seem to be able to do, mo ghrá. Take me to a place that only you Cosantóirí can go.## ##Yes, mo ghrá. Open yourself now to me in this time as you never have before; I will open myself deeper than ever for you because I love you gan scor.## ##I love you gan scor as well. Become one with me.## Sue smiled in the dark and thought to herself “We will become as one, gan scor.

Mark awoke to find Jill’s lips on his, and her tongue swirling in his mouth. ##Wha-where’s….## ##I don’t know and I don’t care. Take my mind off of what’s going on. Take my mind off Moira, take my mind off him-off them-and focus all your love and care on me right now. It sounds selfish, it sounds awful, it sounds….## ##It sounds like a plan, Knj. Bhuille mo chroí le leatsa. Come, mo chuisle, mo chroí, and become one with me. Open yourself to me in this time together as you never have before; I will open myself deeper than ever for you because I love you do síoraíochta.## ##Yes! I will do this, my M’nai. I will do this because I love you do síoraíochta.## They entered Jill’s room hand in hand, and as they closed the door behind them Sue could hear the click of the latch and Mark’s and Jill’s minds reverberating with one thought and one thought alone: I want and need to become one with him/her, do síoraíochta.


Twenty minutes later, there was no longer a Regentia Senatus. There was a Concilium Principes, and a new Regulus: Guillermo Sandoval. There were cheers of “Consaluto Regulus Sandoval!” as Guillermo stood back up front. Smiling, he proclaimed the Regentia Senatus dissolved, and the first Concilium Principes in a millennium duly constituted. “I will not keep you all long. I want every one of your names, addresses, e-mail and phone contact information and so forth. We have one piece of business to conduct, then it is time to go forth and party. We need to determine where to set the boundaries of your Praetorates up. I alone call New Donnegal as mine.” “Hold, my Regulus. What of your Exsecutiva Concilium?” He smiled thinly. “We can do this quickly, or we can stay cooped up in here. I want you to leave here with your territories clearly marked off; the last thing I want is turf wars erupting. There is time enough to form a Exsecutiva Concilium later; that can be done via online methods. Or, I can simply declare someone as a part of that. After all,” he said with a slight chuckle and a winning smile, “That is a part of our history as well.” “I do not care. I am not leaving until…” Guillermo snapped his fingers; two larger Praetors appeared. “Get this man’s information-then show him the error of his argument. Leave him alive and mostly well; no mental work. Just a little physical reminder of who is the Regulus.” They took him to the table, where he quickly signed the paper, then was taken into the Tiki meeting room next door. Muffled sounds of a beating were heard as Guillermo smiled gently. “Let me make one thing abundantly clear: I am the duly elected Regulus. While I detest physical violence, I am not afraid to use it to maintain decency and order. Is that made perfectly clear?”


Several hours-and two more modified Cumais Scrúdú later-the four of them sat on the floor cushions in An Nead, sharing in a roinnt mar theaghlach. ##So what’s wrong with us?## Russ asked mentally, his eyes closed, his hands in both Sue’s and Jill’s. ##Nothing’s wrong, per se. For a lack of terminology: you’re maturing.## ##Sis? I don’t understand.## Mark smiled. ##It turns out that we all are slightly more than just anam-ghrá. While we knew that the Ghárdáil Chosanta had been triggered, we didn’t know what having all four of us still being alive would work out to be like. That, coupled with your already preexistent-immature, is the word I have to use right now-cumas tánaisteach…and, well…your minds are fighting with your feelings, all of which are natural.## ##Meaning what, M’nai?## Sue shook her head. ##Meaning congratulations. You’re entering puberty all over again, in a sense. No, your cumas tánaisteach aren’t maturing… yet. You still can’t use them. But the Chomhcheangal anam-ghrá did a lot more than make us soul-loves.## Jill paused. ##Sis, tell me this is true, that you’re not playing a cruel joke after all this time.## ##It’s no joke. I’m so, so sorry, sis. I never in a million years meant for this to happen. But look deep inside, and you know it’s true.## Russ sat there. ##I’m a guy, and thus clueless. Do you mind?## Sue opened her eyes long enough to look into Mark’s. He nodded, smiling peacefully at her, knowing it couldn’t have been helped and knowing that their bond was forever. They then closed their eyes and prepared for the emotional onslaught. ##Sltv…M’nai and Knj…they’re not just anam-ghrá. Effectively, they’re chúpláilte de anamacha…just as you and I are now chúpláilte de anamacha. Your mind is fighting this concept with your emotions. Knj, being a woman and thus in touch with her emotions, is dealing with the seeming discontinuity better. I’ve checked all three of you; Angie checked me over-and verified it. In short: the Chomhcheangal anam-ghrá overshot, scrambled, and overwrote everything. M’nai and Knj are literally soulmated, and you and I are in the same boat. In fact, soul-fused is a better term; these bonds-forged by the pure love shared-make them stronger, unbreakable.##


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