Sample Pages 10-Fás Pearsanta agus Athrú

“We have cumais that could be awakened?” Jill said incredulously, over dinner that night. “Apparently so. What little we got out of David seems to indicate that. But after you left, deartháir, I got on the horn. Dave and Vicki have heard of it but never seen it; neither has John, Mary, or Jean. Micheál had-but said it fails in about a third of the attempts. He also acknowledged the possibility of it taking in both of you, given your ‘lineage’ and our relational status. I also heard from Seámus, who had heard of it-but felt wasn’t worth the potential risk.” “What are those, mo ghrá?” Jill asked. “Well, let’s review: The ionad anam lárnacha-the center soul core- is the innermost, secret, metaphysical center of one’s being. All of the cumais reside here, regardless of level, as does your rún-ainm féin. It’s a place that even chúpláilte de anamacha rarely-if ever-touch, much less go to unless they are performing a Cumais Scrúdú. Mental and psychic damage can be done if one goes in and messes around with it; you can literally cause psychic damage-or worse, brain damage. You with me?” They nodded. Then Jill said, “That’s why seeing both our ionad anam lárnacha and yours is so special. It literally is the innermost you, in all your facets. Do something wrong, and it throws you out of whack.” He nodded. “That’s it. I’m guessing the same types of things apply to enhancing the cumais of those of us who have them. In either case, it seems to me something that you would want only the person or people you trust the most to go running around in there. I would only allow ár Sue to go in there to examine mine; I didn’t even want Mary in there.” “But it does make me wonder, grá mo chroí. What would we have had, and what would we do with them?” He shook his head. Russ looked at him. “You know, both you and Ryan have had your issues with your cumais, your being Cosantóirí-and both times, you’ve said you’re glad you didn’t have them to deal with.” Russ started to say something, but instead, swallowed it. “You’re right. One last thing, if you don’t mind. David also said something about needing your approval. What did he mean? Any idea what that’s about?” Mark hung his head. Sue looked at him and softly said, “Do you want me to tell them?” He shook his head. “I need to.” He sighed deeply. Softly, he said “Sltv, deartháir…Knj, mo chuisle, mo chroí…we see you with love and equality. We share freely with you, teach you, love you, and are open with you. We do so because we care so much for you. But to some Cosantóirí, you two would be considered….” “Property? Chattel?” Russ asked. “More like pets or playthings” Sue said, just as softly. “That’s why to be called ní de cumas-even if it’s true-is considered insulting.”


“Mi Lancelote…what is Cosantóirí?”  Gwen came by rather quickly. “Maria…we need to go powder our noses. Come on.” She grabbed Maria by the hand and took her into the ladies room. She closed and locked the door behind them, then turned to face her. She knew what she was about to do was risky-but felt that the benefit outweighed the risks. **Look, Maria. I know Lance has never said a word about this to you. So I’ll tell you, because it’s only fair you should know this about him-and most of my family.** Maria looked at Gwen “How do you….” **Later. We don’t have a lot of time. There’s something you need to know if you’re going to hang all over my kid brother. Lance, my brother Art and I all are what is called Cosantóirí. It’s Irish for “Those Who Protect.” What that stupid, obnoxious idiot out there belongs to is called Qui Perdere. That’s…” “Destroyers. I know a little Latin. So, you will watch over me?” Gwen smiled. It was hard not to like Maria. **No. Lance will. He’s so in love with you it makes me wanna puke. Stay close and hold him tightly the rest of the evening.** She thought about it a moment, then added **Might want to hold on to him tightly tomorrow, too.** “Will there be a problem tomorrow, do you think?” Gwen paused…then she grinned. **Nah. He just gets lost easily.**


When the first crack of thunder hit not far away, she heard it and it made her jump. Mark and Sue heard it as well, and they both sat up quietly. He moved to a smallish couch to watch the oncoming storm; he didn’t mind thunderstorms so long as he didn’t have to drive in them. One crack hit within a mile; he looked over to see Jill come scurrying out in hopes someone was awake. Mark silently motioned to her, and patted the cushion next to him. She sat down, and he wrapped his arms around her, holding her closely. She relaxed as he took her hands and they intertwined their fingers. Jill motioned for Sue, then as she approached whispered “He’s still asleep; if you want to head on back, close your eyes and relax that’s fine. I’ll be back there in a few.” Sue nodded silently and wiggled her fingers as if to say “goodnight” and went into the back where Russ lay asleep, knowing full well she might wake up in the morning next to him. The grá clan-fear céile and grá clan-bhean chéile sat and watched the storm move around them, saying nothing, just sitting there watching the lightning strikes and hearing the thunder, sharing an occasional kiss. Finally the last of the storm rolled by, but by that time they were asleep, he holding her safely, their fingers still just as intertwined as their lives were.


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