Okay, I’m interested!

So…you want to read these stories?

Right now, the only place you can get them from is me. They’re currently five bucks a book; once I figure out how the Amazon thing works they may go up slightly. They are available as E-Pub versions or as Kindle versions. The E-Pub versions each run in excess of 400 pages of text, plus a glossary in the back of each volume. (You’ll find it useful, trust me.)

UPDATE 1/18/13: I’ve played with iBooks Author; they’ve gotten things worked out so I can simply do a prose book. The required ISBN costs make an iBook version unreasonable for now, however.

UPDATE 5/6/13: All seven volumes are currently available.

UPDATE 10/7/13: All volumes are in re-edit to line up with current publishing practices.

UPDATE 11/4/13: The first fifteen volumes are once again available for purchase. Samples are up on this website.

Understand that these are self-published. I’ve done my best to ensure formatting is of a high quality, there are few if any spelling errors, and so forth.

I take PayPal, and will have that information up soon, along with a nifty link. Meantime, drop a line to me at drmatthewcrandall9ATyahooDOTcom, and I’ll send you the pertinent info. I’m hoping to release these soon via Kindle Direct.



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