Forsooth! Is it finally time to get this on the road? My name is  Tom Cunningham, and I’m a Resident Assistant over at Mackenzie dorm. My job is to ride herd on the motley crew of the seventh floor. They’re a bunch of blaggards, vandals and blackguards, the entire lot of them. They impugn one’s dignity, and that goes twice over for Sir Mark Roberts and Sir Russell Sullivan. They’re thick as thieves, and they created an unpleasant and odious issue on the day of move-in by having the unmitigated gall of repairing their air conditioner. Seems the physical plant people went in to check on it and found it working better than it has in years. The blighters cleaned and fixed it, can you imagine? I’ll have to keep my well-trained eyes on them; they’re likely out causing mischief and carnage now as we speak. Though I’d be more than happy to keep a well trained eye on their fair maidens; those two rascals have been blessed by the most beautious of women.

Hello, eh. I’m Vicky Vancouver, and I’m from Ontario. But everyone thinks I’m from BC, eh. That cute little geek that repaired my computer charged me full fare for it. Usually I waive my hand as if it were nothing, and get my way. Being cute and a telepath has its advantages.  Nobody has ever been able to resist me and my “charms” before, especially in the boy geek department. I usually have them bending over backwards, drooling at the prospect of dinner with a cute young woman. But not this one. That Mark person is either gay-or a stronger telepath than I am. And if he is a telepath, then I want to do a lot more  with him than talk about software. I’m a little more interested in his hardware, if you catch my drift.

Hello. My name is Patriciá Gallo. I work with Russ over at Feinway’s. He’s a nice guy, and I bet he gets lonely-a lot. Seems his up and coming model girlfriend is always gone somewhere, having her picture taken. Meantime, he’s here alone, and my now ex-boyfriend is sleeping with my ex best friend. Tonight, I’m going to see just how committed to her he really is. But what he doesn’t know is that I’m Qui Perdere, and I have needs-needs which he’s not going to able to resist helping me with, if I can just get him alone in a dark corner after we’re off tonight. After all-I’m here, and he’s here, and we’re both lonely. Could be the start of something really good-and pleasurable.

Hi, everyone. John Malone speaking, and it’s interesting-as Suzette’s father-to watch her and the other kids grow up and begin their adult lives. In fact, they’re all growing up and maturing. Maturity is the name of this is the story of how they mature. In fact, they all are growing up so fast-but Suzette will always be my princess, even though she’s undergone her tógann de nascadh and is engaged.


A sample section from Maturity may be found here.


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