20-A Síochána Nua, A Ordú Nua

Hi. Russ Sullivan here. Okay, so it’s little secret that ár Sue and I are a little bit closer than ever. Playing around in each other’s minds does that, and with her being in charge of the Cosantóiri, allows me a certain amount of leeway and gives me a certain status. But I never expected to have happen what happened when she went to visit Liam-and I’m not too sure what to do next….

Hi, everyone. I’m Cat Sullivan. I’ve got a growing career I love-never mind Mom’s worries-and a good mix of grades. I’m up for co-photojournalist of the year with Mom, after all that mess in Japan. I know Rónán’s got the warm fuzzes for me; he’s a good guy but he worries about me too much. On the other hand, we might’ve been really hurt while on that assignment. Something that big is news anywhere, any time.

Brandi checking in. I know what’s going on with Diarmuid, Ki, and Odran. It’s my job to know that; I know my task is similar to what Nova’s was when she and her loved ones were our age. Some things may never change with this clan, and that’s maybe not such a bad thing. Someone needs to watch over them, and that does not include Annalie, who keeps embarrassing them twice a year by interviewing them. I only wish Odran would see me as the woman I am; I see him as the leader he’ll become one day.

Nova speaking. The more things change around here, the more they remain the same. The clan leadership’s playing musical chairs; the younger leadership’s keeping the faith, and the kids…the kids are growing up way too fast. It’s a time of new peace, new order, even as the psionic leadership seems to shift like sand. Yet with that changing, nothing really changes that much. So it’s A Síochána Nua, A Ordú Nua-a new peace, a new order. And I’m living right in the middle of it all.


A sample section from A Síochána Nua, A Ordú Nua may be found here.


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