Good day. My name is Bob Magnus; I used to be Mark’s boss. Now I’m his step-uncle, retired, and still in love with his crazy aunt. But you knew that much, I am sure. I’ve been to a few gatherings over at that monstrous house the four of them live in, and I’ve found that half of Spaulding Valley’s movers and shakers all seem to be a part of his clan. But this clan thing seems to be turning his life upside down-and in a good way, I’d say.

Jaimee Masterson here. I’m running for city council; I’m hoping to unseat the incumbent. I have my reasons, some of which have to do with Mark Roberts. Oh, not like my pastor says-I would never tell him that-but also because we need a change. No, my husband wasn’t too thrilled…but he’s gotten behind me, the more he looks into what’s going on. I know Pastor Cragmont and I don’t agree-and I’m actually counting on some of that to help me win….

My name is Charlene Hallenbaut. I teach kindergarten at Chandler Spaulding Elementary School, and I usually don’t have too much trouble in my classes. But those Sullivan and Clarkson children are going to drive me to drinking, I swear! They don’t seem to speak much English with one another, the Clarkson girl treats the Sullivan boy like they’re a steady couple, and their mothers don’t seem to be worried about this. I don’t care if the big cheese is the grandfather, those three kids are trouble on wheels.

I am the wind. Actually, I’m Brian Smith. I’m sure you remember me; I came home a little while back and was that a mess. This time, I’ve returned to Spaulding Valley just to catch up with the folks-and it looks like I’m going to end up staying for a number of reasons. My folks aren’t getting any younger, my kid sister dropped in and suddenly is talking about settling down here herself, and then there’s Fiona. And, I’m not the only one undergoing Saol-Athruithe-which is gaeilge for Life-Changes-so is everyone else in Ceannairí-Múinteoir Mark’s clan. Or least, so it would seem.


A sample section from Saol-Athruithe may be found here.


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