03-Life Stories

Hi! Jill Sullivan here. Pay attention to me, and stop staring there. That’s better. It’s bad enough I have feelings for Mark, but Angie has this way of controlling Ryan’s emotions. I wouldn’t have believed it-until I saw her do one night at Miner’s Run. I should be embarrassed about the fact a sixth grade girl makes a better mother for him. I know she says that she really doesn’t know how she does it. Mark and Sue don’t seem to know how she does it, either. But it’s times like that I’m glad she does. It makes me wonder about my favorite genius and his family, though.

Hi, I’m Pat Sullivan. I won’t waste too much time; I know everyone’s trying to keep tabs on the kids. I say Jill and Mark would be a cute pair, and Russ and Sue are made for each other. But that’s just my past speaking. Oh sure, I work for City Hall these days. But I was trained as a cop, and we were trained how to watch for certain little things. It makes a difference in a case, you know. I’ve also noticed that Mark, Sue, and Angie…well, there’s something about them I can’t quite place my finger on.

Hi, everyone. Fay Murphy speaking. Sure, most of you know Russ Sullivan, rich man, restauranteur, nice guy. What you don’t know-or may nor remember-is that he’s my kid brother, and he and Mark were hellions as kids. I won’t share much, but will tell you that if trouble was to be found, they’d find it. Like at Band Camp before they started seventh grade. Or that time with the chemistry set. Or when they managed to get lost in one of the smallest towns in New Donnegal. And then there was the time with the paper maché in the boy’s room. Oh, yeah…don’t let that worldly, well to do thing fool you. I bet he and Mark can be trouble together still if they really wanted to.

Jill’s only telling half the story. Sue Roberts speaking…hey, what is it with you people? Haven’t you ever seen a woman with blue hair before? Look at my eyes, please. Anyway-Joe Foxe, the kid’s sixth grade teacher-knew families would be gathering for Memorial Day, and what better way to use it as a teachable moment? The kids have to interview parents, uncles, aunts, collect some of their life stories, and then write up parts of what they heard. We had to think about what we wanted to share; so did Russ and Jill as they’re part of the process as well. In fact we discussed some of our Life Stories…which we got to share some of with the kids-and with each other.


A sample section from Life Stories may be found here.


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