13-An Clan Teagaisc

Hi, I’m Jake Eastman. I’m what you call a starving artist. Got a degree in photographic arts from State U-for all the good that does. I’ve been selling my stuff on the fair and show circuits, but need to find a solid income. This will mean studio work. Yuck. Photographing kids, geezers, and church folk for photo directories and school pics just isn’t where I’m at. But I hear Sullivan and Smith Studios is opening up a new studio in my old home town, and while I hate the thought of even sniffing at it, I like the thought of having a roof over my head and a few square meals a day….

Ugh! I feel like a blimp. Nova, do you feel like a blimp? Yes, Bree. I do. Nova…what about the bosslady? You said she’d have twins. No, I said she’d be doubly blessed. Besides, Bree…she’s not the only one with new life inside. You, Cait, Adrienne, Angie and I all are expecting. She’s just got twins, that’s all. It’s not my fault we all got pregnant at the same time. Quit smiling, Nova. You’re a mother to everyone. I know that. It’s what I do best…you are resting, right? After all…you, Angie and Adrienne are all due within a day of each other. Yes, Nova…I’m resting when I can.

Hello, I’m Guillermo Sandoval. I am what is known as Qui Perdere. Our people are tired of the rules that have shackled us for nearly a millennium. We are starting to gather in larger numbers, and we are staring to form groups to elect a new leader-called a Regulus-one who can usher in a new age for us, and remove the shackles of the Cosantóirí. We have every right to a place under the sun, and to take our place with the other psionic families. And if I have any say about it, I will be that man.

G’day t’you. I’m Liam, the Ceannaire na Ceannairí for the Cosantóirí and the leader of Glacadh Éineacht Clan Mac Carthaigh. We have enough trouble here in Europe; we finally decided to choose a clan to lead the Cosantóirí for North America. We have rising troubles with our own brand of Qui Perdere, so we had no choice but t’choose An Clan Teagaisc-The Teaching Clan-to handle things over there. While they’re not the biggest clan, or in the biggest city, they have one thing in their favor: We sense that Nuala herself watches over them. How else do y’explain the closeness their leadership share?


A sample section from An Clan Teagaisc may be found here.


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