10-Fás Pearsanta agus Athrú

¡Hola! My name is Maria. I have been moved from place to place, and now I have settled in Spaulding Valley with my parents and siblings. I’ve been in three schools in three years…it’s hard to make friends like that. Now I’m in choir, and there’s this kind of shy boy I kind of like. His name is Lancelote, and I literally fell for him. More precisely, I fell on him….

Russ Sullivan here. Boy, if you’d told me all those years ago I’d be wanting to move in with Sue, I’d have laughed. I mean, she’s kind of married to Mark, right? But with John’s little gift, I’m looking at building a home not just for ár Jill and I…but ár Sue and ár Mark as well. It’s not like I can’t afford it or anything. But the question is, can we really do it-and my loved ones keep their jobs?

Hello. I’m Nova Clarkson, and my husband Ken-you know him as Speed-and I have been blessed with twin children. One is definitely my little water baby! The golden girl has a cute little boy of her own-and she’s already off teaching Summer Smith how to do what she does for World Geographic. That should be interesting, as Summer has no idea about Angie and her cumais. Add to that the little trip to Denver the clan leadership made-and what Mark had to do for Jill….

Hi! I’m Annalie Baker. I ran away from my boyfriend Bob Preston when we both grew into our abilities. I was scared because I am prescient to a point. I wasn’t ready-then. But now, we’re in college, and I need to talk with him. I have grown a little, and I am sure he has grown a little. I’ve been told that Fás Pearsanta ague Athrú is gaeilge for Personal Growth and Change. I’m hoping he’s changed-and maybe we can finally work out what made me so afraid…afraid to bond with him, among other things.


A sample section from Fás Pearsanta agus Athrú may be found here.


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