Greetings and salutations! Verily, it is I, Tom Cunningham, teacher of the Queen’s English, dramatis personae, and now counselor to those who bear the mantle of psionic student. Someone here at County Community must offer them guidance and aid; they needest one such as myself to give them such. While there be those who question whether there be such things-as well as my mental acuity and grasp on sanity-I knowest better. And I do not wish to see others that made the mistakes I madest in my young life. Hopefully, I shall doest some good in their lives.

Hi. I’m Gwen Stone. I’m running a campaign for mayor; I need something to fill my time with; what’s a girl to do with her time otherwise? My husband Brock got the one job we both wanted; and Steve Starr is running for State Assemblyman from our district. I wish my clan brother well, but I’ve got to win the job…and my clan-sister Jaimee is also running for office. Only one of us can win…can I count on your vote?

Hi. Jon Lanson here, and I’ve really stepped in it. In trying to get Superintendent Roberts to admit he’s Cosantóirí, I’ve outed the current mayor, the mayor and vice-mayor elect instead. There’s a recall before they’ve even taken office, simply because they’re psionic. I hope those recalls fail-and there’s a little something I need to take care of, in all fairness to them. And when all’s said and done, Mark Roberts still hasn’t admitted to it either way. Seems unfair, somehow.

Hello again, everyone. Jill Sullivan-Roberts speaking. I didn’t mind becoming Adjungerad and Ambassadören for the De med förmåga. But when Annalie’s special on psionics hit, I got a little surprise-and a promotion. Now as the Ambassadören-Löjtnanten for North America, I get to learn how to lead my people…people I didn’t even know I belonged to. And add to that the ever-deepening relationship I have with ár Mark, and ár Russ has with ár Sue…well, nobody ever said it’d be easy being-or becoming-psionic. With that special airing, there’s been some Faoistiní, which is Gaeilge for confessions…and there’s been a few of late. I just hope we can keep things together a little longer….


A sample section from Faoistiní may be found here.


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