06-Breithe Clan

Hello, my name is Sandra Starr, but most folks call me Nova. As in superNova Starr.  Yes, I’m Steve’s kid sister; he’s the one that dated the Golden Girl. She and I are best friends-well, except for her and Ryan. There’s something about them as individuals-and the pair of them go together. Now if I could just them to see that. On top of watching those two, I have a highly cerebral, highly caffeinated friend everyone calls Speed. He’s a bright guy, and kind of cute in a geeky way. I’ve been watching over the three of them, and they are special people. They all have bright futures-and my job right now is to nurture them…provided I don’t throttle them all first.

Russ Sullivan here. I’ve said for years that Mark has mind tricks he uses to keep things running smoothly. He has to; there’ve been too many times when I’ve seen him wave his hand and trouble literally goes away. But he’s gonna have a hard time explaining to me-to us, really-how Ryan could be in such bad shape one evening-and only have a few bumps and bruises the next day. And what’s with Angie sitting there, holding his hand and telling us to go home?

Hi, I’m Cathy Fleming. I’m the choir director at Spaulding Valley High, and I have this thing about knowing who has what. Right now, I’m looking at Angie and Ryan-and there’s a bond that didn’t quite work right. The two of them have a long standing friendship that is either going to lead them to become bonded…or it’s going to blow up in their faces. My job as níos lú de cumas is to help the Cosantóirí. But how in the world do you fix an incomplete a faoi bhanna?

Hello again. I am Nuala, and my children Mark and Suzette have undertaken the most selfless thing they can do: they willingly chose to undergo daor cinn mar theaghlach-dear ones as family-with their very best friends. Doing so formed a clan; that’s why this part of their life is called Breithe Clan…or Clan Birth. It is part of the overall plan for them-but it’s only the very beginning of that plan.


A sample section from Breithe Clan may be found here.


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