17-Idir Charraig

I’m Guillermo Sandoval. I am what they call the Regulus of the Qui Perdere. For two years I have been looking for the leadership of the various psionic branches. They either do not take me seriously or fear me. But soon, I will be interviewed by Ms. Preston, and I shall find a way to flush them out and deal with me. After all…I only have to beat the Príomh, and that cannot be too difficult. Once that is done, I can dictate the terms of a new treaty, and my people can gather again freely.

I’m Samantha Wallace. I serve as Undersecretary for Psionic Affairs for the United States government; Director Todd Bloch works directly with people like Príomh Roberts and Främsta Jillian. They say they don’t need us, don’t want us hanging around. But while they play with their cute little psionic UN, there’s something close to sixty-seven million psionics. That is a number too large to ignore; they either pose a threat to national security or are the biggest block of assistance we have. I’m meeting with the two of them soon, and hope to convince them to work with us. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything to blackmail them with to “convince” them we want to help them….

Angie Sullivan here. Mom’s been hiding things, holding out on me. But I’ve finally figured it out, the one thing she’s kept hidden for all these years. It takes a healer to see the hidden things in another healer. I just wonder how long she’s known the truth about herself and Dad…and Dad and Momma Jill, and she and Poppa Russ. I need to draw that out of her, for her own good.

My name is Tawny Koslinsky. I’m a doctor-and I can’t believe my one patient. We’ve only really recently had to deal with open psionics-thanks to that special Annalie Preston aired-but this one is gonna need healing help beyond what I can do. The sole survivor of a three way crash, and he’s in a coma because there’s nothing more I can do for him right now. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place…I guess they’d call it Idir Charraig. I certainly can’t help him, and I need to trust untrained healers. It’ll take a miracle for Mark Roberts; I hope healers are as good as I’ve heard they are because if they’re not he’s as good as dead.


A sample section from Idir Charraig may be found here.


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