Hi. I’m Rusty Sullivan. I’m a senior at Spaulding Valley High School and I’m dating a gorgeous fellow student named Jilly. But this isn’t about me. I’m supposed to talk about Mark Roberts. He’s my best friend; we’ve been palling around since we were in third grade or so. He’ll give me grief for this, but he thinks Suzette’s hot. But this isn’t about her, it’s about him. It’s bad enough he’s got back problems, and worse yet about his parents and kid sister. Nobody else knows, including Jilly. He lives alone after what happened. But the oddest thing is how he seems to diffuse trouble with just a wave of his hands. I swear he’s got mind tricks of some sort.

Hi, everyone. I’m Jilly Svenson. I’m a senior at SVHS with Rusty and Mark. I want to tell you about…please look me in the eyes; they’re a little further north. Thank you. Anyway, I’m supposed to tell you about Suzette Malone. She’s new here. She’s got the warm fuzzies for Mark. I don’t blame her a bit; I do too. (Don’t tell my boyfriend Rusty, ‘kay?) She’s a little strange, kind of keeps to herself. She’s also got aquamarine blue hair. Maybe that’s normal for where she came from-but I’ve never been to Bethesda, either, so I can’t tell. Hey, buster-look up here. I may be exceptionally endowed-but I also have an exceptional right hook. Ask Mark’s witch of an ex-girlfriend Kat Dugan about that. 

Hello, my name is Gerald Therkellssen. I am the band director for Spaulding Valley High School. Mr. Roberts, Ms. Malone, Mr. Sullivan, and Ms. Svenson are my students. I’ve had the pleasure of having three of them for their entire high school career, and the addition of the talented Ms. Malone to the saxophone section this year has not only been welcome from a musical perspective, but what appears to be her intrusion on Mr. Roberts life is most fortuitous. It is a shame what happened to his parents and sibling, but he has worked hard to have a successful career here. And his interaction with both Mr. Sullivan and Ms. Svenson has aided them both. He is overdue for some measure of joy into his life.

Dia duit, tá mo ainm Nuala. Fan…Ah. That’s better. Hello, my name is Nuala. Fionnachtain-in my native language, what you call Irish-means Discovery. It begins the modern day life-stories of some of my children, the Cosantóirí. Translated, it means Protector-or better, Those Who Protect. Mark and Suzette are two of my children, and they have some interesting traits.


A sample section from Discovery may be found here.


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