19-Trí Corónacha

Hi. I’m Cat Sullivan, girl photographer. I want to follow in Mamaí Angie’s footsteps and be a well-known photojournalist. But to do that, I need experience in a setting where I can be taught more and mentored on the job. Fat chance of that happening to a seventh-grader. I’m really jealous; Mom’s heading off to the Winter Olympics to do a cover story for World Geo. I wish I could go…Shannon always tells me to be careful what I wish for. But I won’t get much better if I can’t get there, and heaven only knows when the Olympics will be this close again….

Angie Sullivan here. I can’t believe this, and never thought I’d see it happen. Dad no longer leads the Cosantóirí. One selfless act to save Momma Jillian and…Mom now leads. Just like that. Still…to see the obvious love he has for Momma Jillian-as well as the love Poppa Russ and Mom share is incredible. I just wish it hadn’t cost him his leadership role, even though Främsta Jillian made sure he wasn’t left alone without familj. It seems strange to not say clan in terms of Dad…but it is what it is. I still don’t have to like what the Rialacha says, though. It’s so unfair….

Hello. My name is Destiny. It’s highly appropriate, since I am prescient. I see the future for Diarmuid, Ciara, Odran, and Brandi…as part of those I call “Destiny’s Children.” They have futures in leading, guiding others…but first, they must discover themselves, grow into their abilities, and see that what is coming comes not from me, or people like me, but from another place outside of time. They will discover that soon enough…but for now, I see it is my time to lead and guide them. It’s a job I do willingly for them, for they are indeed special….

Hi, everyone. Jillian here. It’s true: min evigtkärlek and virtual husband Mark no longer leads the Cosantóirí. He’s one of my people now…the De med förmåga. His sacrifice on my behalf has made him like this; I’ve been teaching him our ways now, made him my co-leader or Medregent. He’s happy enough; his markers are all turning to De med förmåga, more closely lining up with mine. They should; we are now a sealed soulmate pair, even as Suzette and Russ are. It is all to fulfill what was said about him: His crowns must turn from green to gold. He’s worn at least two of those three crowns: Hence the term Trí Corónacha, or three crowns.


A sample section from Trí Corónacha may be found here.


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