09-Oíche Dáta, Deasghnátha, agus Cosantóirí Saol

Hi, I’m Summer Smith. Angie and I have worked together since before we both graduated. She’s a great partner, and I couldn’t ask for better. But I’m a little envious at the end of the day: she goes home to Ryan and Diarmuid-the little cutie-and I go home to an empty, quiet home. I wish I could find a guy who wasn’t afraid of my Canon, one who’d let me do my job-and be there for me when I came home. I’d share more-but have a lunch date….

Hey, Lance Lyons here. I owe my career to Angie, and in a very small way she owes her career to me because I sent those pics on to Amalgamated. With the feds in town looking for people with the kind of abilities she’s written about, I wonder if she’s got them. On one hand, I hope she doesn’t; I’d hate to see her get taken off somewhere. On the other hand, I hope she does-so she’ll steer clear of them.

Hi, I’m Bree Oliver. I work with Angie and Summer at the Sullivan-Smith studios in State College, and I’m a freshman at State U, along with my nascadh Joey and his roomies Bob Preston-he’s from Ottawa, Ontario-and Art Cunningham. We all have cumais. When I found out that there were people out there looking for people like us, it made us all a little twitchy. But not as twitchy as Shannon makes me. It’s like she can read my mind or something, but she’s not one of us. Anyway, we have to do something to slow this down. It’s just wrong.

Hi-it’s me again, Jill Sullivan. I don’t know why I keep getting shoved out here…anyway, my favorite genius has his hands full. People aren’t leaving him-or Mayor Starr-alone long enough to do their jobs, he’s got a growing clan, and now with these idiots looking for Cosantóirí and other psionics, ár Mark’s got issues. The good news is that life does go on here in Spaulding Valley-government agents or not. Cait’s got a date, I’ve heard rumors of Summer having a male friend, Angie’s training Summer for World Geo and traveling again, and we’re looking at several rituals to add to the growing list of things clans should do. Add to that day to day clan life, and you have Oíche Dáta, Deasghnátha, agus Cosantóirí Saol…which when translated is Date Nights, Rituals, and Cosantóirí Life.


A sample section from Oíche Dáta, Deasghnátha, agus Cosantóirí Saol may be found here.


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