14-Do Síoraíochta

Hi, everyone. Russ Sullivan here. I knew when ár Jill and I joined with the Roberts there’d be some crazy things that would happen. After all…you don’t become clan-family with Cosantóirí and not expect a few oddities. But this…this is beyond anything I would ever have expected. We weren’t gone three weeks and now the Ghárdáil Chosanta-whatever that is-has kicked in, drawing ár Sue and I closer than ever…and the same for ár Mark and ár Jill. Not that I’m complaining, but it’s a little scary.

Sue here. As a healer, I have to make sure everyone and everything is functioning at the peak of health. But we’ve had some issues…it was bad enough about the Ghárdáil Chosanta kicking in. But with the loss of close family, I had no choice but to use the cneasaithe de chuimhne to restore balance to all four of us. There’s only one problem: with the Ghárdáil Chosanta having been activated between the four of us, I’m not sure what will happen. I just hope ár Mark will be okay with whatever happens….

Hello, I’m Guillermo Sandoval. I am the new Regulus of the Qui Perdere. I have to find a way to get the attention of the Cosantóirí. But not to do battle…not yet. No, I want our people to be accepted. We must find our way, our heritage, before we can truthfully approach those who have held us at bay. I do not know where the Príomh is, but in time I will find him. Right now, however, I must find my people, and try to restore some pride to them. I must also not weary of the fact some of them seem dumb as bricks.

Get out of my way. For once, I want to talk. It’s me, Jill Sullivan, yet again. After all we’ve been through together, I know ár Russ and ár Sue are so close and getting closer. They’ve started telling each other they love each other gan scor, or without ceasing. Most women would have a fit with that declaration of love. I’m okay with that, though-because ár Mark and I are also sharing a new phrase: I love you do síoraíochta-or for eternity.


A sample section from Do Síoraíochta may be found here.


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