05-The Golden Girl

Hi! I’m Angie. Mark and Sue Roberts are my parents. I’m not supposed to say anything, but they have cumais, which is Irish for abilities. They’re also chúpláilte de anamacha, which is why I’m talking. They’re “preoccupied,” if you know what I mean. Anyway, I’m starting seventh grade with my best friend ever, Ryno Sullivan. I’m looking forward to it, sorta. Ryan, quit looking so miserable and say something.

Okay, I’m Ryan. Angie’s my best friend, and she has a funny ability to change my moods, usually when I’m crabby about Mom being gone and Dad being busy-or when I get in a rage. I fight a lot, and sometimes, it’s because my best friend is involved somehow. She wraps her arms around me, and it’s like I can’t be mad anymore. Good thing, too…because I can get really angry sometimes.

Hi. I’m Di Spellman. Angie’s crazy, but it seems like everything she touches turns to gold. That’s why I called her the Golden Girl first-that, and because she has this mane of blonde hair. There’s something really odd about her and Ryan. I’d say strange and wonderful-but they’re both strange. Maybe it’s just because they’re not like my friends from Pasadena, where people are normal. I mean, come on. Who other than Angie has a mom with blue hair? And I never met anyone who had a supermodel for a mom like Ryan does.

Hello again. I am Nuala, and Angela and Ryan are two of my children. Their story really begins in The Golden Girl. She has a special task before her-but that time is not yet now. Right now, she has to tend to Ryan-who seems to be fighting again.


A sample section from The Golden Girl may be found here.



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