15-Pianta Fáis

Hello. This is Sue. Things have gotten a little messy. I never dreamed that the combination of the Ghárdáil Chosanta and cneasaithe de chuimhne would create a state of anam-comhleádh ghrá chúpláilte between the four of us. That means that at some point soon, both ár Russ and ár Jill’s cumais will kick in. And when they finally do, boy do they have a lot to learn. And it’s not just about how to control their cumais-we have a few secrets as psionics they’re going to discover, like it or not. In some ways, I’m a little surprised they haven’t figured out those secrets out yet….

Hi, I’m Walt. Sue’s an old classmate of mine, and by now you’re aware that she’s the reason I got into writing. While I know and understand her cute little compound relationship, I’m interested in seeing how that’s going to play out on a book tour-especially since two of them aren’t coming along. Hey, whatever works for them, you know. Still, JJ is going to have his hands full, as Miranda and I have a few secrets of our own.

Jean here. It’s so nice of the kids to have us move in the empty house; it needs people in it and I love being close to family-and clan activities as well. So does Pat, bless his heart. He’s still a looker, and he totally surprised me when he proposed. Still, though it seems so short since Mary and Moira passed on, we talked it over-and decided we’re not getting any younger. Just being around everyone-especially at gatherings-is so good for him. Well…maybe not his waistline, but good for his morale and psyche, at least.

Hi, I’m Ryan. Yeah, it was our idea to have a slightly different vow renewal, and have the Dads get the Moms new rings. That was cool to see, and it’s so them. But…it’s still not right yet. I’ve got to help Mom get ready for a trip to Hawai’i; Príomh Mark’s going with her to keep her company. I just can’t help but think there’s something brewing with them-or Dad and Sue. Add to that what happened over the summer…it’s a miracle either Dad or Mark’s still breathing. Now mix in what’s happening with Angie, Speed, Nova and I-and that’s why we say there’s Pianta Fáis-or growing pains. The clan is growing, the folks are growing scary close, we’re growing closer in new ways, and things seem to be busting out all over….


A sample section from Pianta Fáis may be found here.


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