11-Go Deo Agus i Gcónaí

Hello and Greetings. I’m Steven Starr, mayor of Spaulding Valley. My Superintendent of Schools Mark Roberts has an…unusual, shall we say…living arrangement with Sue and the Sullivans. That’s finally gotten him into some hot water, however, and I’m not sure I can bail him out of it. Otherwise, I’m happy for them; they’ve been good for each other. Still, they should know to watch out for each other-and for paparazzi. Their troubles are giving me a headache, in terms of re-election.

Good day, good people. My name is J. Peter Cragmont, senior pastor at Mountain Vista Community Fellowship. It’s a crime what these people are doing-the four of them living together sinfully and shamelessly. I’m running against the mayor, and I intend to replace Mr. Roberts first thing. I’m also gunning to fire his wife; having blue hair isn’t normal and between them, they’re undermining and ruining our young people’s perception of good and right. They seem nice enough otherwise-but they can’t be swapping spouses like that. It’s evil!

Hola! My name is Maria Alvarado. Mi Lancelote and I are now starting our freshman year at State University. So is Wyatt and Jen, Liz Preston, Desiree Martin…and Pedro. The Desiree has designs on Pedro; it will be good for him as anything that doesn’t kill him will make him stronger. And at the rate Desiree is going, he’ll be able to compete for Mister Universe sooner than later. Funny thing about the Desiree, though…good luck seems to follow her around and rubs off on others.

Hi, I’m Sue Roberts. I won’t say Mark’s been framed-he and Jill openly acknowledge that those pictures are real-but I’m okay with whatever happens. After all, Russ and I were standing there when those pictures were taken-and it’s not like he and I haven’t traded a lot more than spit ourselves. Still, while I love Russ dearly, and Jill loves Mark deeply herself, my love for Mark-my chúpláilte de anamacha-runs deeper still, as does his love for me. It’s why we’ve taken to saying I love you Go Deo Agus i Gcónaí-or forever and always.


A sample section from Go Deo Agus i Gcónaí may be found here.



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