18-Go Deo Grá

Suzette Sullivan here. Yes, you heard that right. I go by Suzette Sullivan these days, much as ár Jillian goes by ár Jillian Roberts. Anyway…It was hard on ár Mark when Sally passed; she was the closest thing he’d had to a mother since his own mother passed on. Now she and Bob are both gone, and as a healer, I need to do what I have always done: use the cneasaithe de chuimhne to help my loved ones get through this. But I need to be careful; we’ve undergone so many mental changes I’m not sure what’s safe to do anymore-and what’s not safe….

Ryan Sullivan here. I’ve slowly gotten used to have three other adults and eight kids in the house; the easiest thing is when everyone else is gone and ár Nova and I have time alone. With ár Angie’s schedule-not to mention ár Speed’s-we have some alone time and that’s pleasurable. Still…if you had told me a few years back we’d be sharing a love like this, I would have either laughed at you or belted you one. Now…I can’t imagine living any other way.

Hello, I’m Carla McIntyre. I’ve been Mark Robert’s secretary since just before he became Vice-Principal at Spaulding Valley High. I’ve made a good career out of being his secretary-but now he’s moving on to bigger and better things. I’m going with him; he’s been too busy for his own good. And while Jillian and Suzette love him, they’re not the only ones. With that man, it truly takes a village. Why do you think I’ve followed him all over the district-and now down to Chrysopylae two days a week?

I’m Liam Mac Carthaigh, Ceannaire na Ceannairí of the Cosantóirí. I’ve known that Mark is what we call leath-phór…or half-breed. I was told as much by my prescients way back when we first made him Príomh. The two sides he has-Cosantóirí and De med förmåga-are the purest lines I’ve ever seen; in fact, his Cosantóirí half is purer than my entire lineage. But I also know he’s treading on thin ice; his becoming familj with Jillian is proof of that. I also know, however, that Russ and Suzette share the kind of love Mark and Jillian do: Go Deo Grá-or Forever Love-and that Mark undertook the ritual to become familj with Jillian as a result of that love. I’m not sure what to do about that…if anything.


A sample section from Go Deo Grá may be found here.


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