08-Scéalta na Breithlá Déag

Hello, I’m Nova Clarkson. I’m Angie’s best friend, and I still kind of watch over her. She travels a lot, digging up stories of the Cosantóirí and writing them-along with her award winning photography-into modern day fables that sound just plausible enough. Still, she’s  been nearly killed or hurt far too often, and that trip to Peru…it makes this earth mother wonder about her sanity.

Hi, I’m Joey Harrison. I like taking sports pictures for the school paper. I always thought that I was better at it than my girlfriend Bree is; I thought girls just can’t take the kind of action shots on a football field that guys can. Then we met Angie. Boy, she made me look dumb-like I needed help with that. Still…working with her has been good for me and Bree both. Only problem is, Bree and I still haven’t completed our tógann de nascadh yet, and it’s getting harder to our hands off of each other….

H’lo, me name’s Michael Quinn. I run Flanagan’s Pub in Innisfaire, and Grandmere Quinn is waitin’ fer some folks to come in on their Oilithreacht go ithir dúchais, as well as their children to come and tell Nuala’s story. Grandmere’s not long fer th’world, though, an’ I hope they all come in soon. She says they have a part to play in the story of Nuala’s children-but I can’t see how that’ll be workin’. Most American Cosantóirí don’t get what they’re supposed to when they’re oilithrigh, so I’m a bit skeptical.

Hello again. This is Angela, and I’m getting paid for doing what I love to do-take photographs and write. And what I’m writing for World Geographic is about people that have cumais. Of course, I can’t really tell people the truth about the Cosantóirí; but I love the fact I can draw on all the stories about my forebears, make it sound like myth, couple it with some gorgeous shots…and get paid for it. I like the fact that these are stories that might be told around a Breithlá Déag, like Mom and I had. In fact, that’s a great name for this: Scéalta na Breithlá Déag, which is Irish for Book of the Breithlá Déag. Now I have to get Mom, Dad, Russ and Jill off for their Oilithreacht go ithir dúchais.


A sample section from Scéalta na Breithlá Déag may be found here.


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