A Note to Parents About the Cosantóirí Chronicles

Hi, I’m Matthew “Doc” Crandall. I’m the lucky guy that gets to write about the slightly different world of the Cosantóirí. It’s a world remarkably like ours, but not quite. Here, there are groups of people mostly like us, of which the Cosantóirí are a part of. They, and other people like them such as the De med förmåga and the Kinder der Fähigkeit, have unusual psionic or mental abilities. The key word is people. While I have strong Christian beliefs, these books are not written for Christians per se. In fact, these are not what I would call Christian fiction. They are about people that much like you and I: they’re good, mostly moral people, but making their way in a world we do not inhabit. The good guys win, the bad guys lose. But again, it’s also about lives of people. People that both have-and do not have-these abilities. Therefore, these books are full of things that occur in real life. People get hurt; they make love-both in and out of marriage; they have arguments; they get seduced; they are drunk, petty and nasty. They get married and divorced. They get killed or otherwise die. People grow up, have affairs, have stable, loving marriages, age, and generally navigate life.

So, with that in mind, I wish to post a warning. These are not children’s books! These are written for those who are mature enough to handle these kinds of themes. They are not recommended for tweenagers, young teens-unless you, as their parent or guardian, feel they are mature for their age-and maybe not even for some adults. (We all know immature forty year olds.) I do not believe in censorship; my parents did not censor what I read as a young person-they simply insured I didn’t read anything that they weren’t comfortable with. To me, that’s not censorship; that’s intelligent parenting. And while I do have strong Christian beliefs, I also believe in being true to the story that I’ve been given as a gift. (Thank you, Mr. Macnamar, wherever you are, for that advice. I did learn something in your Creative Writing class, after all.) What that means, while not getting overtly graphic, that I write about things as they happen in real life.

Therefore, I ask that you as a parent consider reading any given volume before handing it off to your young person. Better yet, go ahead and read it yourself.


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