04-From The Past

Hi. I’m Sue Roberts. Mark’s my husband. I haven’t seen much of him since Sally gave him that box with his parent’s diaries and journals. He didn’t even know that she had them! It’s a little scary how much time he’s spending reading about his parents. But if the roles were reversed, I guess I’d be doing the same thing. Guess? I would be-and at least he’s letting me read them as well.

Hello. I’m Sally Colson-Magnus. I’ve kind of kept an eye on Marcus since his parents and sister were killed. I feel badly for him, and not just because I’m his crazy lawyer aunt who emancipated him near the end of his sophomore year in high school. His mother was my sister, and she told me she wouldn’t be here much longer. I should have known, but I’ve never believed in funny mental abilities like Jane and my other sister Jean supposedly have. But I don’t have them, and sometimes it sounded like a great excuse. Still, Jane also tried to warn me about that idiot first husband of mine, and I didn’t listen to her then, either. And she was right. She and George had a love like no other, and I can hope that Marcus and Suzette should have that. They do have the same kind of tendencies.

Hi, everyone. I’m Pat Sullivan, Russell’s old man. I watched Russ and Mark growing up, and I know what kinds of mischief they could get into. Reading about George and Jane-his parents-are good for him. It’s not like he can call them up and ask parenting questions, especially with Angie about to hit seventh grade. Now’s the time he could use a little advice from his parents-and they’ve been dead and gone for years.

Mother of us all, are you sure? Thank you. I’m George Roberts. I’m not here on Earth; I’m in Síoraí Chathair. Yes, Jane, Barbra and I are all with Nuala. It wasn’t our idea, trust me. I’m glad Sally didn’t pitch our diaries and journals; Mark needs them now more than ever, what with Angie starting seventh grade, Sue doing her best, and Russ and Jill trying to help as well. But Mark can’t help them if he doesn’t have the kind of life-lessons that we should have been there to give him. Mother Nuala, I understand why-but I still don’t understand why we were brought here so soon. From The Past talks about Jane, Babs and I…Mark’s family.


A sample section from From The Past may be found here.


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