21-…Agus Beidh Na Páistí Mar Thoradh Orthu….

Hi! My name’s Patty O’Hara. I’m in th’ same class as Red Murphy, one o’ th’ best soccer players in the history o’ Spaulding Valley. He’s good looking’, I’ll give him that much. Not the brightest penny, if’n y’know what I mean…but he’s got moves that I’ve only seen pros make. I c’n tell I’m gonna have t’ keep an eye on him; he needs all th’ help he c’n get to stay on the team. Fortunately, he’s got a lot o’ friends, including that geek Tommy Clarkson. That boy’s all brain…an’ th’ two of ’em are thick as thieves.

Greetings. My name is Tomás Clarkson, and I have an issue. It seems I have lost a wager with my sister Catraoine and must now find an escort for the mating ritual known as “Homecoming.” I have no idea or concept on which to base a sound judgement on what constitutes an adequate escort. I know of one person who might be willing to take the role on, if she is so willing. Still, I feel like I have been trapped into attending this ritual….

Hi! Angie here. Seems like my “partner” Cat and I have the same problem: a pair of Starrs have entered our orbits in a rather permanent basis. Rónán and Cat have been seeing one another on the sly-or so they think-what they don’t know is what they’ve been doing to Steve and I. And now that they’ve completed their a faoi bhanna, that spells trouble for the two of us in ways they have no concept of….

Jillian here. So many things are changing in everyone’s lives: ár Russ and ár Suzette’s, Angie and Ryan’s, Diarmuid and Ciara. Even Cat and Rónán’s lives are changing, not to mention Tommy’s…and yet, it’s Tommy and his girlfriend Amy that will pave the way for a new generation…literally, …Agus Beidh Na Páistí Mar Thoradh Orthu…or the children shall lead them.


A sample section from …Agus Beidh Na Páistí Mar Thoradh Orthu…. may be found here.


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